What are shelfies: the best tricks and ideas to organize your shelves and copy the viral deco trend that is sweeping Instagram

It is pronounced almost the same as ‘selfie’ and, in reality, the concept is almost identical, but changing ourselves in our best version (the one that we publish in our feed or love our crush) for the most beautiful shelf in our house: the ‘shelfies’ or photos of perfectly decorated and ordered shelves sweep social networks (nearly three million images on Instagram with this ‘hashtag’ endorse it) and we have the best tricks and ideas for you to join the deco trend of the moment.

Although the trend of shelfies has been latent for years, it has been confinement and teleworking that have propelled it to stardom on social networks: so many zoom meetings and so many ‘virtual reeds’ by video call needed a good setting. But, how to get the perfect shelfie?

Tips for a perfect shelfie: how to order and decorate your shelves so they look like a magazine. Photo: Pinterest.

The number one rule of the good shelfie goes through the order. Whether you follow the Flylady or Oosouji method, the key is to organize each one of the shelves well, keeping harmony, following a theme and not ‘throwing’ things as if from a ‘disaster’ drawer (not ‘tailor’ ) was treated. It is not about accumulating objects without more, but about the organization of the shelf itself has a meaning and is an ornamental detail more in the living room, bedroom, office, bathroom and, of course, in kitchens and pantries, where food reaches a new dimension as a decorative element.

Nice ideas to order and decorate your shelves. Photo: Pinterest.

If it’s about organize the library, you can do it by theme or alphabetical order, but it will be much more beautiful (note, we are talking about beautiful and not practical, this time) if you take into account the sizes of the books, the colors of their covers, the fonts or the images of covers. Of course, be careful with that ‘exposure’ effect in which fakes abound, nothing is more impersonal than those fake wooden books in vacation rental apartments. And, for once, we’re going against the trend: we’re definitely not ordering books backwards, with the facing pages instead of the spine! Yes, everything is very white and minimalist, but it is an unequivocal sign that people do not read in that house… Run away!

When choosing the decorations, it is best not to fall into excess: try to maintain consistency, always go for less is more and introduce personal details that speak of you. Design pieces and sculptures (they do not have to be works of great value), candles, auxiliary lamps, travel souvenirs or vintage objects with family stories behind them, paintings and photo frames and, of course, vases with flowers and plants They will be key when it comes to decorating our shelves and achieving the perfect ‘shelfie’ in the living room or bedroom. Don’t be afraid of ‘mix&match’, it’s a good way to put notes of color and trend, but as long as it makes sense with the style and theme of the rest of the room.

Tips and ideas for a well-ordered shelf. / pinterest

Lastly, don’t forget bathroom and kitchen shelves, two of the rooms where this revolution began thanks to likes. The ‘beauty addicts’ turned the shelves of their bathrooms into authentic exhibitions of cosmetics and makeup: it’s not strange, beauty products have exquisite packaging and there are times when there is no more beautiful adornment than a bottle of perfume. In addition, you can organize it according to the order in which the products are used, thus facilitating your daily care ritual. In the pantry, create still lifes worthy of Caravaggio (although if they are a little less gloomy, all the better), play with the colors of seasonal fruits and vegetables, organize all the legumes and pastas well in pretty pots and jars, make art with the cans and ‘display’ your kitchenware. Of course, if everything is in sight, everything has to be very clean and tidy.

How to order the shelves of your house to get the perfect shelfie and sweep Instagram

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