What are menstrual cups and what are their benefits

Currently this has become a very useful and popular hygiene product for women. This is because it is a very comfortable element for menstruation, so we will talk about what are menstrual cups and what are their benefits.

Currently, more women want to use a menstrual cup, thanks to the many advantages it has. Regardless of age, this is a product that offers a lot of comfort and no matter how much flow there is on those days.

What is a menstrual cup?

To know what is a menstrual cup it is the main thing before you even learn to use it. Also called a menstruation cup, vaginal cup, or even a period cup. It is a container made with medical silicone, which is placed inside the vagina on the days of menstruation.

It has the ability to adapt to the walls of the vagina at any time, no matter what kind of movement is made. And it is capable of retaining the flow inside for more than 8 hours, without the need to worry, although this time varies depending on the flow. It has an unlimited use, since it can be removed and put back as many times as desired.

For those who still don't understand what is a menstrual cup for, is a hygiene item for women that has the appearance of a cup. Which is placed in the vagina to collect all the flow in menstruation. Using menstrual cups is an alternative solution to tampons and sanitary napkins, which in most cases are very annoying.

It means then, that menstrual cups are very safe and do not produce odors, and its mechanism allows you to collect all the menstrual flow without any problem and without causing discomfort. It is used every day, as it will not cause problems sleeping.

Benefits of menstrual cups

Among the main menstrual cup benefits are the following:

Contains no chemicals

Menstrual cups are made from materials that are hypoallergenic. Therefore, they do not cause allergic reactions or unfavorable effects on the body. This is a very important step for those women who are allergic to cellulose. As well as for those who avoid perfumes, bleaches or any chemical product.

Using a menstrual cup does not represent any risk of developing diseases, nor does it represent a toxic contamination for the body.

It is only responsible for collecting the menstrual flow

Completely different from pads and tampons, menstrual cups are only responsible for collecting the flow and not absorbing it. A mechanism like menstrual cups prevents dryness and irritation in the vagina.

In addition to this, menstrual cups are very useful when menstrual flow is very little, since they are responsible for keeping moisture inside the vagina. Thus protecting the natural flora that the vagina has.

In the long term it is economical

Although menstrual cups initially represent a relatively significant expense, compared to a pack of tampons, this is a cost that decreases over the months. What's more, using menstrual cups means you stop investing in pads or tampons for a long time. Keeping in mind that a menstrual cup can last up to 10 years.

Holds more than a compress

Menstrual cups are a method that has greater autonomy, compared to any other type of feminine hygiene product, since it can retain flow for 12 hours. Bearing in mind that this time will depend on the amount of flow that you have on those days. Because of this, menstrual cups are perfect for days when you have to leave the house. They last for many hours, since you have to wait to empty it in the appropriate place.

An ecological option

Another benefit that menstrual cups offer is that by reducing waste from pads, it represents an ecological solution. It is then a measure that helps fight contamination, since it reduces the cellulose waste caused by pads and tampons. But it also reduces plastic and box waste, which constantly reaches the world's landfills.

The materials with which menstrual cups are made are not polluting. Even in the process of making these glasses, less water is used. Very different from what happens with other methods for women's hygiene.

Greater comfort

Most women have chosen to wear menstrual cups, especially because of the comfort of wearing them. It is possible to use them with any kind of clothing, without being afraid that it will stain, and it will not be noticed that you are wearing a menstrual cup. It allows the woman to maintain her naturalness in the movements she performs daily, regardless of whether it is a question of doing sports activities.

Does not generate any odor

Although the menstrual cups are in contact with the flow of menstruation, the truth is that you do not generate any kind of odors. Qualities like this are due to the fact that it is not in contact with air, since this is responsible for the oxidation of the flow.

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How to properly use menstrual cups?

To learn how to use a menstrual cup It is not complicated at all, despite the fact that certain women feel some concern about this part. The steps to use menstrual cups are very simple:

First you will have to wash your hands very well. Whether it is the first time that a menstrual cup is used, or also if one has been used. For the latter case, it will be necessary to boil it in water for several minutes to sterilize it.

Once the cup has been sterilized and hands have been washed, the cup is folded so that it can be inserted into the vagina. The best way to fold it is to make it form a C. This is very simple, you just have to grab the glass and press it a little with your fingers to get that shape, so it will be easier to place it.

The next thing is to find a comfortable enough position to insert the cup into the vagina. Normally it is advisable to remain almost squatting, keeping one leg on a raised object or it can also be while lying down. At first it may be a bit difficult to place it, but with the passage of time this will become easier.

Wetting the cup could be of great help so that it is inserted more, although you can also use a little lubricant, in case it represents problems.

Once this is done, the cup should now be located at the entrance of the vagina. While the device maintains the shape of a C, it is pushed with the fingers until it reaches the bottom. When you have arrived correctly, you will have to use your fingers to push from the bottom. Remember that the cup must remain in the vaginal canal.

Verifying that the cup has been correctly located is important, and for that you must insert your fingers and identify the stem of said cup. When doing so, it will have to be rotated and you will not need to worry, since it will be correctly positioned and will not slip out of place.

How are menstrual cups removed?

Menstrual cups fill in a few hours, and once they have done so, it will now be time to remove them. The flow will remain inside the cup, so there is nothing to worry about, as spillage is unlikely to occur.

After those hours have elapsed, as with the beginning, the hands have to be clean. Removing the cup is not complex, this can be done while standing or squatting. Now the fingers are inserted into the vaginal canal, and in certain cases it is advisable to push only a little so that the stem of the cup approaches.

Pull the stem little by little to move the cup towards the exit of the vagina, and once it is outside, pressure is applied with the fingers. Doing this will allow the feeling of vacuum to break, but the device must be removed carefully. Once it has been removed, it must now be rinsed and if the period has not ended it will have to be replaced, otherwise it has to be returned to the packaging.


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