What are kalonji seeds? Discover the spice that can help you lose weight

its Technical name is Nigella sativa and its battle names include such denominations as kalonji, black cumin, or nigella seeds. This newcomer to our kitchen also promises to quickly get into the list of slimming supplements and various herbs with fat burning virtues as has happened with others such as usnea. It is not for less. These seeds have been used for centuries in Southeast Asia as a natural remedy against all kinds of conditions, especially digestive. But now it has been the turn of the investigation to Know if its supposed benefits when we go on a diet are true or not. What does science say about it?

What is Kalonji and how does it help you lose weight?

Both the seeds and the oil of Kalonji are rich in antioxidant substances called phytosterols that in laboratory research have shown that they do help weight loss (if we are on a diet, of course).

A review of 11 studies involving overweight patients found that those who used kalonji oil or sprinkled powdered crushed kalonji seeds in their meals for 12 weeks achieved better results in their low calorie regimens: reduced their body weight by about 2.5 kg more on average if compared to the control group using placebo substances.


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The explanation to this greater weight loss achieved when diet and kalonji are combined in any of its formats it seems that the Active components in these seeds improve appetite control and promote fat loss..

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