What are ice baths for? Lady Gaga's technique to recover

Immersing yourself in an icy tub is not exactly a suggestive proposal. And even less now that autumn hits hard. But it is a practice that has become fashionable, especially in the celebrity world and specifically among athletes for recovery after exercising. We had already seen how Cristiano Ronaldo immersed himself in ice baths after the games but this time it has been Lady Gaga who has resorted to this technique, also called cryotherapy.

He does so to recover after the effort he undergoes during his concerts. That is not a little, considering that the singer has to deal with the pain she suffers as a result of her fibromyalgia.

This way I posed a few days ago on Instagram: submerged in a bathtub full of ice cubes while explaining that it has already become a routine.

"My post concert routine: a ice bath 5 to 10 minutes. After a 20 minute hot water bath. And finally, an understanding suit with ice for 20 more minutes, "Gaga explained to his followers.

Does it have benefits to bathe on ice?

It is the question that we cannot avoid asking ourselves: Are these ice baths really effective or are they simply a fad? We have consulted the physiotherapist and osteopath Ricardo González Castelló, a member of the Doctoralia, to clarify the doubts regarding ice baths. Because, for starters, it is not something that everyone can do. "Not recommended for those with skin abnormalities, hypersensitivity to cold or for those with skin lesions", the expert clarifies." Neither in cases of cardiac pathologies and epliepsias or in the elderly and children, "he adds.

But returning to the initial question, bathe on ice yes it has benefits at the muscular level. González Castelló tells us which: "The cold closes the capillaries, so when leaving the water an intense hyperemia (increase in blood) is generated that improves blood supply in the area, provides oxygen and decreases muscle fatigue. "

And the cold is effective in muscle recovery, but especially after aerobic and resistance activities. Hence, Lady Gaga uses it after the approximate two hours that her concerts last, where she does not stop moving with her choreographies.

How long should ice baths last?

In this the singer brings out outstanding, because it follows the recommendations of the experts to the letter. "Ideally, go into buckets and hold for a few seconds, then get out of the water, wrap up with a towel or bathrobe and repeat the operation three to five times more," explains the physiotherapist.

And as for the duration: "For the bravest, you can hold between five or 10 minutes inside the ice. The water should be at an approximate temperature of 12 – 15 degrees."

The cold helps reduce pain

Keep in mind that these ice baths are not made for pleasure, but as treatment when there is an injury or a need for muscle recovery. That is why they should not be taken lightly. "Cryotherapy is widely used in physiotherapy in cases where inflammation needs to be reduced, especially in the first hours of acute injuries such as sprains, bruises or bruises," says the expert. "It is also used in postpartum or fasciitis. The cold helps us reduce pain, we do not forget that its main action is analgesic."

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