What are hydrogenated fats?

There are many types of fats in foods, some are healthy and others are harmful. Hydrogenated fats are vegetable fats that Inside our body they can behave like other fats of animal origin.

It's about the so-called fat trans, which They change its composition, its appearance and its texture. Learn more about this type of fat in this article Do not miss it!

What are hydrogenated fats?

Hydrogenated fats or fats trans, they are fats that are generated through a chemical process. They are the ones that have the most indicators against them, a fact that makes nobody recommend them, even in low percentages.

We could say that they should be avoided as much as possible. Obtained from the hydrogenation of vegetable oils (with which they go from unsaturated to saturated with the trans form), they are much more harmful than the saturated ones present in nature.

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How are trans or hydrogenated fats obtained?

Hydrogenated fats are subjected to a chemical process that benefits their manufacturers, especially since their cost is lower than that of other fats.

Trans or hydrogenated fats are generated from a chemical process that has many advantages for manufacturers, mainly in cost, since they are cheaper than other types of fats. But nevertheless, hydrogenated fats pose a danger to our health.

The food industries introduce hydrogen to certain ingredients that naturally contain fat in a liquid state, such as oils. They do it when they are at a very high temperature for them to pass to be solid.

This way you get that the food is preserved in perfect condition for longer, have a more appetizing appearance and are easier to cook because it is more difficult to spoil during the cooking process.

What effects do they have on health?

The fats trans or hydrogenated are found in most processed foods. Think that consuming only 5 g of trans fat per day is already considered dangerous to health.

They are the fats most harmful to health. It is convenient to avoid them or reduce their consumption as much as possible. They increase the risk of suffering diseases such as:

  • Cardiovascular and arteriosclerosisThey can raise levels of harmful cholesterol and triglycerides, while decreasing healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Cancer: can lead the body to build hormones and defective cell membranes.
  • Cerebral: inhibit the action of essential fatty acids, delaying the growth and maturation of the brain.
  • Metabolic and diabetes.

In a report the Committee of Experts of WHO stresses the need to significantly reduce or eliminate fatty acids trans of industrial production in food.

Consumers are not fully aware of the effects that an elevated intake of fatty acids trans They have about health and especially cardiovascular health.

Food or products that contain them

Hydrogenated fats are present in a wide variety of products for regular consumption.

Hydrogenated fats are cheap and have an ideal consistency to produce a wide range of products.

In addition, its flavor is very palatable and pleasant, and Its storage time is longer than that of other types of fats. Do you know what products contain these trans fats that are so harmful to your health?

  • Industrial bakery
  • Cookies
  • Pre-cooked food
  • Snacks
  • Margarines
  • Candies
  • Fast food in general
  • Fried

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How to avoid hydrogenated fats

To avoid fats, the first thing is to avoid processed products, so that it is advisable to consume fresh products that do not contain this type of fat nor other products added.

And if your purchase is made mainly in the supermarket, read the labels before buying a processed product. It is important to make sure that the products in your basket do not contain ingredients that are not healthy.

Not only hydrogenated fats enter here, but also sugar or other starches. And if it says it contains vegetable fats, You have to see what kind these fats are. Avoid fatty acids trans and hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats.

If you tend to buy many processed or precooked products, it may seem difficult. However, it is important to change habits to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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