What are digestive enzymes and why is it good to include foods that contain them in your diet (hint: they help you lose weight)

You have already become familiar with the concepts of intestinal microbiota, healthy bacteria, prebiotic and probiotic foods … But to get the master's degree in nutrition you need for effortless weight you must go one step further and learn how to do your part to digestive enzymes. We tell you which are the most important and which foods contain them, everything is to make your diet a success.

What are digestive enzymes and what functions do they perform

Having a good digestion and taking advantage of the nutrients that food has is only possible thanks to the action of digestive enzymes, they are that important. There are several types of digestive enzymes (amylase, lipase, protease, and peptidase) distributed throughout our digestive system (from saliva to the intestine), proteins capable of "pulverizing" nutrients to a size that our body can take advantage of. Some are responsible for making proteins digestible, others break down starches … Basically all the food we eat has to go through the sieve of enzymes and if they fail, digestive problems quickly face.

But in addition to helping us nourish ourselves, enzymes are our indirect allies against excess weight. A review of studies carried out by the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine concluded that enzymes help improve the quality of our intestinal microbiota and that this improvement helps reduce the body mass index and the amount of accumulated fat.

Why It Is Important To Consume Diet Enzymes

Specific diseases that affect the stomach or intestine can cause a deficit of digestive enzymes. But there are also other specific processes, such as go through a stage of stress, which can affect the amount of enzymes we have. Therefore, if your digestions have become a nightmare, it is worth wondering if you are consuming enough foods with enzymes: you could suffer a deficit easily remedied with the right diet.


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Foods richest in dietary enzymes should be eaten raw: cooking them destroys their enzymes. And what foods can you eat raw in a healthy way? That's: most dietary enzymes are found in fruits and vegetables. Pineapple, kiwi, papaya and avocado are the champions among the fruits with the most enzymes. In vegetables, opt for the ones that have a bitter taste: include watercress, endive and radishes in your salads and you will always have the enzymes you need.

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