We want to copy the decoration of this country house in Normandy

For 15 years, Héloïse Brion developed her professional career in the fashion sector in Paris. But one day, she decided to move to the country with her husband and two children and pursue her true passion, cooking and decorating tables. In an impressive mansion in the French region of Normandy, surrounded by nature, he created Miss Maggie’s Kitchen, one of the most inspiring Instagram accounts that already has almost 100,000 followers. From this privileged balcony of the network we sneak into their day to day through delicious recipes, and with the help of Zara Home and their recent collaboration, we can recreate an idyllic home with low cost pieces from Inditex’s deco firm.

From rustic chic inspiration with touches of vintage aesthetics, Héloïse Brion’s home in Normandy is the country retreat anyone would dream of for a retreat from the bustle of the big city. The games of colors (especially green and now autumn tones) are key in the decoration of this stately stone mansion, in which wood plays a leading role, and which is combined in a perfect union with materials such as velvet or linen, filling with flowers, nature in its purest form and very personal details that turn this story house into a home full of warmth.

The linen tablecloths cost between 79.99 and 59.99 euros, the sets of candlesticks, between 19.99 and 29.99 euros; the plates and trays are available from 4.99 to 29.99 euros and the glasses, around 5 euros. The pieces of the coffee sets cost 7.99 euros, and the kitchen utensils are available from 6.99 euros. Everything in Zara Home. / ZARA HOME

How could it be otherwise, the nerve center of this country house is, without a doubt, the table, where the kitchenware, table linens, crockery, cutlery and glassware play as important a role as the recipes themselves from Miss Maggie’s Kitchen. “The preparation of the table is as important as the menu,” says Brion, “everything is part of the experience we offer our guests and that will create memories forever.”

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Zara Home has been inspired by this imposing Norman country house to launch a collection of kitchenware and ornaments that automatically transports us to nature, even if we are in a small apartment in the center of the city. The details make the difference and the prices, as always in the Inditex deco brand, play in our favor. Irresistible.

The cushions cost 29.99 euros at Zara Home, the table lamp, 69.99 euros and the blanket, 129 euros. The raffia headboard costs 299 euros, the cushions from 15.99 euros and the photo frame, 19.99 euros. the wall mirror costs 99.99 euros, the carpet 129 euros and the bed set, between 49.99 euros and 89.99 euros. Everything in Zara Home. / ZARA HOME