We recommend this order to clean the house easily

Clean from top to bottom, inside out. There are so many ways to do it! Find out which order makes things easier.

Last update: 03 March, 2022

There are always ways to make some tasks easier. And cleaning the house in a certain order is one of them.

We know that you may already have a home cleaning routine, but believe us when we tell you that These tips could be very helpful. to optimize this activity. Find out!

Find out what is the most effective order to clean the house

Sweep, mop or clean the ceilings? What will be the correct order? Obviously you should clean the ceilings first, but before them you would have to draw up an action plan and gather the necessary materials. We list the order to clean the house with ease.

1. Make a plan for stays

This plan for rooms must revolve around the dirt that stays in them. The dirtiest areas should be tackled first. Why?

These areas usually demand more work and it is at the beginning of everything when we are more charged with energy. During the task, try to take the time it takes to clean the place.

2. Organize and group the products

It is advisable to put together a cleaning kit before starting. This should contain scouring pads, buckets, mops, vacuum cleaners, as well as the products and detergents that you will need depending on the case. This measure saves you time and will not take more than 10 minutes.

Using the cleaning kit at the start saves time down the line.

3. Start with those tasks that can go by themselves

Although you may have doubted yourself, there are some household tasks that only require you to take the first step and they end up doing it alone. Do you have any idea what they are? Put the dishes in the dishwasher and the clothes in the washing machine, for example. In this way, while the dishes and clothes are washed, you clean the rooms of the house.

4. Dust and cobwebs from top to bottom

This rule applies to cleaning the walls from ceiling to floor as well as the upper and lower floors in houses with two stories or more. The ideal way to start cleaning is from the top down.so you should include lamps, ceiling fans, windows, furniture and shelves at the beginning.

5. Clean from the inside out

If your house just needs a touch-up, because you are someone who cleans frequently, you can apply this recommendation. Since you will not come across very dirty rooms that demand energy and time.

That’s the way it is, start by cleaning the rooms and bathrooms. It then continues with the kitchen and living room to finish at the front.

6. It’s time to vacuum, clean and order

Before you start mopping, it is advisable to clean the decorations, paintings, shelves and other. Dust them off and use a suitable polishing or deep cleaning product.

Then put everything in its place. This is a very practical way of doing things. Don’t forget to sweep or vacuum as dust and debris falls to the floor.

7. Vacuum or sweep before mopping

After you’ve vacuumed the furniture and dusted other areas of the house, sweep. that simple. With this you will avoid making a mixture with the powder and the water that will end up in a great mistake.

Windows are halfway between the ceiling and the floor, so they should be somewhere in the middle of your cleaning plan as well.

Strict cleaning? Start with the hardest

When it comes to deep cleaning, the ideal is to start with the kitchen. After all, it has always been one of the most complex places to clean. Take note of which stay should be next.

  1. Start with the kitchen. To do this, apply a degreaser to the areas that require it, while you clean the fridge with a mild mixture of water, vinegar and baking soda. Pass a damp cloth over the shelves and sanitize the accessories.
  2. Then comes the living room. Cleaning it thoroughly shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes. Get a vacuum cleaner for those difficult and complex areas, such as furniture. And some microfiber cloths, along with a specific product to clean each surface: wood, glass, metal.
  3. The rooms follow. Keep clean clothes in the closet. Then clean everything as recommended in the previous points, from top to bottom. Vacuum the place. You can take the opportunity to clean the mattress and the carpets as well. Change the sheets and covers.
  4. End with the bathrooms. 20 minutes for each will be fine, as long as you have the right products and materials. The sink, the toilet and the shower are places that you should carve very well, since these are the most used. But if you think it necessary, you can clean the tiles and the joints of the walls. Finish mopping the floor.

Now it is very easy to clean and tidy the house

Most of us find cleaning tedious, but we really like to live in neat and orderly places. That’s the way it is, It’s best to look for shortcuts! A simple algorithm to clean and tidy the house that will help you save time and effort.

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