We know which food lowers the cholesterol level if eaten four times a month

When blood cholesterol levels rise above 200 mg / dL the doctor usually advises us to change our diet … and he is right. Although it is true that our blood cholesterol levels are determined by our genetic inheritance, a diet full of forbidden foods for our arteries can raise that risk in a worrying way and put us at risk of suffering from serious cardiovascular disease. And let's not forget that today they are cardiovascular diseases responsible for the majority of deaths in women above the dreaded cancer. The good news is that, of course, there are natural and pleasant ways to help our genes to keep cholesterol from spiking and a group of Brazilian researchers want to make it even easier for us: they have discovered a food that consumed four times a month is capable of reducing bad cholesterol (LDL), and that food is Brazil nuts.

What the study says about cholesterol and Brazil nuts

The study is conducted with a very small sample of people (just 10 men and 10 women), but its results are surprising. To these study participants They were offered a variable amount of Brazil nuts at a meal (from one to eight) and when their analyzes were compared with those made to a control group that had not eaten this food, the results were very positive.


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The people who had taken the nuts experienced an immediate reduction in their LDL cholesterol levels (the "bad guy" that blocks the arteries) just nine hours after eating the nuts. The best thing was that the researchers measured this parameter again 30 days later and those people who had eaten Brazil nuts maintained that decline on your cholesterol levels.

Does this mean that eating Brazil nuts is enough to control cholesterol? No, if you have high cholesterol levels, you need your doctor to give you some guidelines and even a medication to control them. But knowing that there is a food that is capable of helping you in this way is good news: You can include it in your anti-cholesterol diet and reinforce the results of your lifestyle change towards a more heart-healthy one. Of course, do not go overboard with the dose: Brazil nuts are very rich in selenium and with four a day the limit that you can consume per day of this mineral is exceeded. Pay attention to the Brazilian researchers, who are the ones who know the most about Brazil nuts and take only four a month.

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