We have the bargain deco to give warmth to your living room: nice and cheap blankets that are perfect for those rainy days, sofa and series

Sofa, blanket and a chapter from your favorite series. Add a hot tea or chocolate to your mug and you have the perfect plan for those rainy days in the fall. And it is that, when the weather spoils, there is nothing better than turning our house into a refuge.

That’s why the blankets they are not just another decorative element. When the temperatures drop, they provide us with shelter and a wonderful feeling of comfort. This is also transmitted to our home, creating an atmosphere that is very welcoming.

So a nice blanket is a very cheap way to warm up your living room. You just have to choose the one that best fits the rest of the stay. To help you, we have made a small selection. There are three options that cost less than € 20, so they are within reach of all budgets.

The price of the Cotele model is € 17.99

Let’s start with the Cotele model by Leroy Merlin, which has won us over with his mountain style. It has a rectangular overlocked design and a cut pile texture that gives it a very soft touch. We especially like in white, it is very elegant. But you can also find it in gray. It is priced at € 17.99.

The cherry colored blanket is priced at € 19.99 / Maison du Monde

If you prefer to give a touch of color to the stay, we recommend the blanket that Maison du Monde brings us. Its touch imitates the skin and it is a beautiful cherry red tone that looks great on gray or white sofas. As for its price, it is € 19.99.

The Ylvali model costs € 13 / Ikea

We finished with the Ylvali model from Ikea. It is made of chenille, a material that gives it a velvety texture that is very pleasant to the touch. You can find it in two neutral colors (beige or dark gray), so combines with any sofa. With a price of € 13, it is the cheapest of the three.

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