We have learned the best deco tricks to make our house look bigger in these accounts that are sweeping Instagram with their ‘before and after’ photos of a renovation

This year, our deco objectives are clear: to bet more on ‘made in Spain’, adapt the trends of 2022 to our real needs and make the rooms in our home seem larger. We carry the best bargains in our DNA, so it does not count as a purpose. Therefore, today we have set to work (literally) to find the best tricks with which to do magic and extend the rooms of our house, and we have found them in these super inspiring accounts that are sweeping Instagram with their photos before and after the renovations. Spoiler: you’re going to get hooked.

Light and white always work

The light, color and ‘open concept’ rooms they are the conductors of these radical transformations. On the one hand, the openings and windows are used to the maximum, making natural lighting the protagonist of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, and making that ‘look to the outside’ visually expand the space.

What’s more, the replacement of the dark tones of floors, walls and furniture by a much softer range, like whites, beige, earth or natural woods, it is a perfect solution to make everything appear larger. Following the 60-30-10 rule, we will be able to give prominence to specific details (textiles, ornaments, wallpapers) with hints of trendy color.

Minimalism and ‘open concept’ spaces

Minimalism when choosing furniture will also be key: if we reload the spaces, they will seem much smaller. A) Yes, the simple but cozy lines, the versatile and multifunctional pieces and the base units that do not divide the spaces will help us to fulfill our objective of creating more spacious rooms.

And from the low furniture, to the ‘open concept’ spaces. Yes, we see it in all the renovation programs on TV, in decorating magazines, on Pinterest and, of course, in these Instagram accounts. And we are going to tell you a secret: if everyone trusts this solution, it is because it works. In decoration, that of ‘divide and conquer’ could not be more wrong: the more diaphanous the spaces and the fewer partitions there are, the greater sense of space we will achieve.

Kitchens and bathrooms, the most radical transformations

Kitchens and bathrooms They deserve a separate chapter, because authentic works of art are achieved by joining the elements previously used. The spaces are opened by pulling a few partitions, betting on transparent doors and partitions or using mirrors so that the space is visually multiplied. And, of course, white is our great ally, since in addition to making everything look bigger, it creates a feeling of cleanliness.

Low cost solutions, luxury results

Finally, we have fallen in love with this super cheap ‘IKEA hack’ and with spectacular results: making a wall of mirrors in the room is not only practical and very ornamental, it also multiplies the space and makes the bedroom seem twice as large. big. Hint: the four-pack at IKEA costs 15 euros and at Amazon you can find them for 18.99 euros 8 pieces.

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