We have found the healthiest poke recipe for when you don't have time to cook

The moment has come. Goodbye to excuses. The lack of time is not a reason not to eat healthy, at least, that is what the girls of FuturLife 21, María and Elena, have proposed. recipes, they are taking us with their creations to the 'futur fold' of the 'healthy life'.

How? With the recipe of a very healthy poke, easy and delicious.

The ingredients? Super simple!


-Quinoa base or brown rice or redhead.



-Cherrys or diced tomato.

-Spring onion.

-Edamame (optional).

-Protein to choose from: Burgos cheese, diced chicken, salmon or previously frozen raw tuna, prawns, tofu …

-Aliño: EVOO, soy sauce or Tamari. We add a spicy touch with pepper and roasted sesame at the end.

The Preparation is even more 'express'. You just have to cook the base that you like, be it quinoa, brown rice or cauliflower. Then, you must choose the 'toppings' that you like best to decorate your plate.

It is an ideal recipe for take to work or to do when you invite friends to dinner. the best of all? That you can make a thousand and a few variations depending on the ingredients and that it is a very complete recipe.

We have fulfilled the promise of the three B. And it will not take you more than 15 minutes. Little word We already know what we are going to have for dinner today!

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