We explain what homefullnes is and how to decorate your home with the trend that will sweep in 2022

About to close the year, and once we have dressed our house for Christmas as a party, we have to think about the deco trends of 2022. As we told you a few days ago, sustainability, warm minimalism, neutral tones, natural materials, functional spaces and the importance of light. Next year the home will continue to be our temple and as a result, the concept of ‘mindfullnes’ will creep into our homes with a trend that is ready to sweep away: the ‘homefullnes’, that “feeling of pleasure, attachment and relief that causes us to get home […] a haven of peace and relaxation in which we feel as comfortable as possible, away from stress “, as detailed from the Dimensi-on interior design studio. But how do we do it? Here we give you the deco keys.

Light is our great ally to join the deco trend of ‘homefullnes’, as they tell us from Dimensi-on: « prioritize open spaces, spaces full of light that give warmth to the home. These types of spaces invite you to calm down and disconnect. Poor lighting affects not only our vision but also our mood. Good light increases energy levels, while poor lighting contributes to depression and other deficiencies in the body. We must try to organize the space to let in natural light, since it stimulates the production of serotonin and endorphins, or failing that, have good artificial lighting “or with warm and indirect lighting such as that provided by candles.

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And, of course, colors will also help us achieve that oasis of peace of mind in our home. The trends are back on our side and with white as the protagonist and following the 60-30-10 rule, the experts recommend « bet on a range of pastel or earth colors for the walls, which will facilitate relaxation within the rooms. If you like risk and bright colors, the trend today is monochromatic tones, choose yours and enjoy decorating your spaces with elements that bring that intensity and personality to your home «.

Of course, not only with light and color you reach the long-awaited ‘homefullnes’, there are other elements, structural and decorative, that will help us join this growing trend. « The height of the ceilings also conditions the brain. What is already known as neuroarchitecture has shown that the dimensions of the spaces in a house affect the response of our brain, thus, high ceilings favor creativity, while low ceilings give peace, helping relaxation and concentration. On the other hand, the rooms with organic and rounded shapes provide tranquility, as well as simple lines and shapes. If you like geometries, better that they stimulate the view and are pleasant to the eyes «, they tell us from Dimensi-on.

Order is priority to leave the restlessness on the other side of the door of the house, as marked by the Oosouiji method that we told you a few days ago: “maintaining order enlivens the feeling of pleasure and well-being.” What’s more, ” include plants and flowers at home brings life, warmth and adds a touch of freshness to the space. In addition, they reduce stress, increase productivity and concentration and improve air quality ”. Finally, from Dimensi-on, they recommend another very simple detail to apply in our home, and it is none other than to bet on » fabrics that are pleasant to the touch, that invite you to touch them and that increase the feeling of warmth «.

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