We dismantle all the myths that have been created around the egg

It was already clear to us what happens if you do not keep the eggs in the fridge or how to cook eggs correctly, it is a food that we love, very versatile and that can be cooked in a healthy way to lose weight. However, the egg has been the subject of criticism and legends that in many cases are not true and have no basis. We are going to dismantle the main myths about the egg so that you have a more real vision of this nutritious food.

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Eating eggs regularly makes you fat

Much has been said about eggs being a food that if eaten frequently would prevent weight loss, but why have they gained such a bad reputation? Fundamentally for its fat content but mostly it is monounsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to health.

The eggs they are perfect in light elaborations even to make in a diet of weight loss even in those diets high in proteins like the ketogenic. You can take them cooked, in tortillas, scrambled … another thing is how you accompany them and if you include them in pastry recipes, what makes you fat is not the eggs themselves, but the rest of the ingredients you use on your plate.

Eggs increase cholesterol levels

You will have heard this from the earliest childhood and for decades, however experts have concluded that, although the egg contains cholesterol, it is not the cause of the increase in cholesterol levels in the body. According to nutritionist Anthony Berthou “contrary to what is often heard, the relationship of eggs with cholesterol is very limited: most of our cholesterol is blood cholesterol, made by the body from our diet, and not dietary cholesterol. Therefore, the consumption of 1 or 2 eggs per day is not responsible for a significant increase in blood cholesterol levels and does not entail an increase in cardiovascular risks.. However, it is necessary to make a nuance in the case of people with diabetes, who are recommended to consume 3 to 4 eggs per week ”. That being said, you can now eat eggs without fear because they are not responsible for the increase in your cholesterol levels. Great news!

They are disease-causing

The cases of salmonella infections caused by bacteria of the genus Salmonella set off alarms regarding the egg (although it also affects meat and milk). This food poisoning can be given but when there are poor hygienic conditions and when food is poorly preserved. What does this mean? That it is not necessary to blame the egg itself but the negligence in the preparation and preservation of the dishes so that the eggs are a safe food and you can include them in your diet without fear.

The yolk has no nutritional value

The whites have had a boom in recent years thanks to fitness lovers since it is a part of the egg that does not contain fat but protein and allows you to take a lot of it daily without greatly increasing calorie intake. It is true that the white has a high nutritional value but the yolk should not be demonized because it is very rich in vitamins and minerals as well as healthy fat. The ideal is to consume the whole egg since it is a food with many properties and benefits for the body. For example, the egg contains lutein that improves vision and is a food that helps protect brain functions. A very complete food that there is no reason to divide in two and discard one of the parts.

They are indigestible

Well, as with many foods, you must take into account the method of preparation or cooking and, of course, the tolerance of the person who eats them. Fried they usually have more oil than in other elaborations but it is the cooked egg that is the worst usually tolerated since the yolk, which as we have said is the one that concentrates the fat, coagulates and does not remain liquid, so the action of lipase, an enzyme that favors the digestion of fats, slows down. The elaborations that are better tolerated are boiled or boiled eggs, but if you tolerate the egg well, any of these procedures is healthy and light for digestion.

In reality, the egg is a very healthy food that you can include without fear in your healthy diet and in your weight loss diet because It will help you control weight, it is satiating and does not alter your cholesterol levels, it is also great in any of its forms. Long live the egg!

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