We copied the style of the most beautiful Mid-Century Modern living rooms with cheap furniture from Zara Home that seems to come from an antique store

If there is a style in decoration capable of lasting unchanged and always inspiring, it is Mid-Century Modern (MCM), the current that revolutionized interior design codes in the mid-20th century at the hands of great designers such as the brothers Charles and Ray Eames (those with the Ottoman chair, yes), the Danes Arne Jacobsen and Hans J. Wegner and his famous armchairs, Florence Knoll and Eero Saarinen with his rationalization of the furniture or the Spanish Miquel Milá and his iconic basket lamp.

The keys to mid-century modern decoration. / pinterest

In addition to these iconic pieces, wood, geometric lines, natural materials, touches of bronze and warmth are the hallmarks of a style that continues to be in full trend and that we can find original in the best antique shops… or copy in the low cost of Zara Home.

The most beautiful and cheapest Mid-Century Modern furniture from Zara Home: armchair, 299 euros; tables 129 euros and copper pots, from 39.99 euros. / zara home

The Mid-Century Modern emerged in the middle of the last century in the United States as a cultural and artistic movement that sought to recover the aesthetic paradigms of modernism, and little by little it was triumphing in Europe (as a precursor to Nordic minimalism) thanks to its commitment to the natural, the simple lines , the functionality of the pieces and rooms, their pure geometries and the warmth of the environments that were created.

We copied the mid-century modern style of this room with wooden shelves from Zara Home (149 euros) and this armchair (499 euros) / Pinterest and zara home

Timber It is the great protagonist of the MCM decoration, but also all those materials that arise from nature and return us to the earth: bamboo, jute, organic fibers, natural textiles, indoor plants… The sustainable became fashionable almost without know it and today marks the pulse of trends.

Zara Home’s mid-century modern furniture: the sideboard costs 499 euros and the armchairs, 249 euros each. / zara home

The purity of linessimple geometries and minimalism took over a piece of furniture that he created iconic pieces that have arrived intact in our living rooms today: the Ottoman lounge-chair, the Egg armchair, the CH24 Wishbone chairs, the Cesta lamp. All with the aim of creating multifunctional and versatile spaces (70 years ago, when pandemic teleworking was science fiction) in which reigned the warmth.

Mid-century modern furniture from Zara Home to copy the most beautiful salons on Pinterest: double armchair (599 euros) and wooden chairs (129 euros). / pinterest and zara home

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