Ways to get rid of fever as soon as possible, according to doctors

It is inevitable that with the current cold, typical of this era, and the viruses that swarm through the environments in which we move, we end up 'fishing' for a flu or a simple common constipation. It always starts the same way, a slight discomfort that is slowly getting worse, bone pain, cough, discomfort, chattering of teeth due to the cold … and desire to get into bed to sleep as if there was no tomorrow. Arrives fever.

They are something we all have to deal with in our lives, and it is best to take the opportunity to rest and let them pamper us a little. From 37 ºC it is already considered that you have a few tenths, and with 38 ºC and higher a greater feverHowever, as the doctor explains Raj Dasgupta, from the University of Southern California School of Medicine in 'Prevention': "The body does not lose the ability to regulate the temperature during fever. Just as you can raise it by wearing excessive clothes or exercising, it is also possible reverse the effects of fever with some homemade tricks. "The temperature decreases through sweating and dilation of blood vessels. These are some of the remedies you can try the next time you feel bad.


First of all, remember this: fever is not the disease but the symptom. Your body's defenses fight to protect themselves. Now, when your body is hot, sweat to cool, but if you lose too much water it will be difficult for you to lower the fever, so the moral is that you drink a lot.

Place cold pads in front, wrists, neck and calves and use common sense: cover yourself if you feel cold and take off your blankets if you are hot

Not only water, experts indicate that you must also drink juice, although diluted because they warn that if it is pure it can cause diarrhea. Tea is also a good option, especially suitable for these moments, and if it is hot, the better. If you have too much nausea To drink you can choose to suck ice.

Cool down

Whether with towels, wet padsWhatever it is, it is vital to keep your body cool in this way. The places where you can use them are the wrists, the forehead of course and the calves. As you change them, rinse them again with cold water and place them again, continuously, until gradually the fever goes down.

Do I coat myself or not?

The eternal issue, each person will tell you something different depending on how they have educated him. The truth is that the best thing you can do, according to experts, is to use common sense.

If you are very hot, it is best that take off your blankets, and if you're cold (Probable symptom that your fever is rising, which usually happens after eating and in the late evening) Warm up until you're comfortable.

And when eating

Don't worry, most people they don't want to eat when they have a fever, so the important thing is liquids. Once you recover your appetite, eat things that appeal to you, (unless you are sick to your stomach, we appeal to your common sense again).

When to go to the doctor?

And you may wonder when you should see a doctor if you have a fever. According to expertsif you have symptoms such as pain when breathing, stiff neck, severe vomiting and cough, facial pain, rash, persistent diarrhea, unexplained bruising or bleeding and temperature above 38 that does not refer to treatments, it is best to go to the doctor. Save a lot of bed and take the opportunity to watch late series and movies, and above all, a lot of encouragement!