Water fast: know its benefits and learn to practice it

As the years go by and its benefits are discovered, leading a healthier lifestyle has become essential for all people, so it is highly likely that water consumption will increase for this purpose. Due to this, the tendency has arisen to carry out a water fast. This practice offers certain benefits in terms of health benefits, but you have to know how to do it properly.

Nothing awakens the body's senses like water does. Based on the oldest records of civilization, it is revered as the elixir of life and even mystical properties have been attributed to it. The ancestors of these civilizations were able to recognize the sustenance that is the water for all living beings, and they showed a lot of amazement towards the lakes, oceans, rivers and streams that they frequently saw.

Today, medical specialists recommend consuming at least eight glasses of water daily. However, a large number of people have become accustomed to consuming sugary drinks, coffee, juices and any other kind of drinks. This is most likely because the water is tasteless, but that kind of liquid doesn't offer the body the same hydration.

Science has affirmed that the human body is made up of approximately 60% water. It is thanks to this factor that it is possible for a person to survive without food for a long time, although without drink water would die very soon. Water is responsible for the body fulfilling each of its vital functions and from it we can obtain many benefits.

Why is water fasting so popular?

Fasting water has been a method implemented by civilization since ancient times, for spiritual purposes. Many cultures that implemented the practice of water fast, they did it periodically to obtain a religious illumination, or also to fulfill a penance. However, it was a rule that was part of a monastic life, where this water fast It was practiced more than anything by average people in a culture.

As with the tides in the sea, the water fast it has flowed and also decreased as the story unfolds. Just a few decades ago, it was even associated with hippies or certain religious practices. This method, too, has caught the attention of people who want to lose weight, and who want to have more control over the level of sugar in the blood.

Water fast: what is it?

He water fast or commonly called water fast, is a kind of fast that is based on drink water exclusively. Juice, any kind of tea, or any other kind of drink or food is not consumed, only water. The most common is that this method only lasts between one to three days. And of all the kinds of fasting out there, this is the one with the most restrictions and the most difficult to follow.

Although by the same definition the water fast It is the simplest, this is because in the field of nutrition, there is only the concern of drinking the appropriate amount of water, in order to maintain an appropriate level of hydration.

It is completely different from what happens in other fasts, as for example happens in an intermittent fast. In this case, it will be necessary to do a good planning of the nutrients, because a fast like that offers the possibility of consuming various drinks and foods at certain times.

Benefits of water fasting

Although various scientific investigations have been carried out, there is still no common agreement that talks about safety, and the exact benefits of implementing the water fast.

Every person is different and the results are likely to be different for each. In addition to this, there are certain reports that serve as anecdotes, and may not be supported as scientific evidence for this method.

It should be kept in mind that if results are observed quickly, the ideal is to stop the fast. The benefits could be lost in the process and health would be compromised. Among the most common benefits of water fast are the following:

Aids in weight loss

Some people who have applied this fasting method periodically reported that it helped them lose weight. This is something that makes a lot of sense, since only water is ingested and no calories are consumed. Therefore, a lower body volume is most likely to be observed once fasting days are over.

While this may be one of the reasons for encouraging a healthier lifestyle, these grams that were lost in the fast are misleading. A result like this is due to the loss of water that is stored in the body, and not because it has burned body fat.

Prevents the onset of type 2 diabetes

Having high insulin sensitivity is the cause of type 2 diabetes. Some research suggests that water fast It prevents this disease, if it is done in a short time.

After the fasting time has passed, a healthy diet should be followed accompanied by a routine of physical activity. If tested with periodic water fasts, it is possible to obtain protection against insulin sensitivity. But in addition to that, it lowers the high levels of sugar found in the blood.

Greater protection against diseases

When there are scattered free radicals in the body, cells could suffer serious consequences. Because of this, a greater susceptibility to the appearance of diseases and many other ailments would occur. Some evidence has suggested that implementing the water fastIt helps a great deal in fighting these free radicals.

There is also a noticeable decrease in cholesterol levels. As is well known, these cause an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as strokes. With less free radicals in the body, it also means that the chances of cancer are decreased.

Helps in the prevention of hypertension

The figures obtained in the blood pressure readings could decrease when ingesting only water, but it should be in a short period. He water fast It is like a rinse system for the human body, allowing the amount of sodium in the body not to exceed the normal amount.

Promote cell production

Choose to do the water fast, offers certain benefits for cell recycling. This means that despite the countless cells that perish on a daily basis, the body will be able to transform them into new cells. Specialists in the field believe that a process like this acts as a defense mechanism to prevent the appearance of diseases.

Despite this, animal testing by scientists in laboratories is still in the preliminary stages, and because of this no specific evidence has been obtained.

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Water fast: How is it done?

The main thing to keep in mind before putting this type of fast into practice is to avoid doing it without being under the supervision of a medical specialist. Especially if no type of fasting has ever been practiced.

It is also not recommended that beginners extend the water fast for more than 72 hours. In the case of the most experienced, an extension that exceeds 5 days should be avoided. Failure to do so could result in unfavorable negative effects. Before starting with the water fast, the ideal is to gradually decrease the amount of food eaten.

Although there are no universal recommendations indicating a specific amount to ingest, it is best to ensure that the minimum intake is about 2 liters of water daily. In certain cases, it may be necessary to start with 3 liters of water daily.

Once the fasting days are over, it is not recommended that large amounts of food be eaten. The body has been without food for a long time, and if plenty of food is consumed, unpleasant symptoms are likely to be experienced.

To prevent this from happening, one of the options that could be implemented is to finish the water fast consuming fruit juice or small meals, since in this way digestion will be much easier. As the days go by, the amounts of food increase, according to the tolerance of the person.

Contraindications to water fasting

For the most part, diets not only offer benefits, but also create certain health risks. Fasting by drinking only water is not something that is for everyone, and therefore it could be very dangerous for those who are not prepared. Because of this, it is worth mentioning some contradictions that this method would cause.

Dehydration risk

Despite the fact that this is quite the opposite effect, it is possible that it happens, since the absorption of water occurs with greater speed. Certain foods that are eaten every day, especially vegetables and fruits, are a great source of liquid to prevent dehydration.

Risk of having nutrient deficits

It is evident that the human organism requires nutrients that are vital, which are provided through food intake, and water does not provide that necessary amount of nutrients. When the person is not properly prepared to apply the water fastYou will most likely experience malnutrition.

Diet inconsistency

Even the person with the strongest will is likely to think of delicious foods while in the days of water fast. If you stop eating for a long time, the obsession with food increases, and yielding to them will not be complicated, causing you to eat large amounts of food that would be harmful to health.

Water intoxication

Among the contraindications to applying this type of fasting is the risk that the body will become weak and intoxicated by drinking a lot of water.

Often, medical specialists advise that when fasting with water, avoid doing any physical activity that involves a lot of effort. Ingest water You will not be able to replace the amount of liquids lost through sweat, when you are doing any kind of physical training. Fluid loss in the body is known as hyponatremia, and it is very dangerous.

Final recommendations

Fasting with water is very simple, although it will not always be so easy to follow. As the only rule of this procedure, you should only drink water exclusively for no more than 72 hours, and you must ensure that the amount of water ingested is the most adequate to maintain hydration.

Finally, we must not forget that the water fast It cannot be implemented by anyone, since the results are different in each one and the conditions are different. But the most important thing is to avoid performing this fast if you are not completely sure you want to do it, and without the supervision of a specialist.