Watch movies as a family: 5 benefits and recommendations

Did you know that watching movies as a family, in addition to being a fun activity, has great benefits? Get to know them in this article.

Last update: 23 January, 2022

Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie? The cinema, also known as the seventh Art, is a show that allows you to delve into stories that generate emotions or invite you to reflect. Likewise, movies distract and amuse us. In conclusion, it is an activity that can be beneficial in many aspects. In this article we point out the benefits of watching movies as a family.

There are few activities that children and adults enjoy as much as the movies. In fact, the best childhood memories of many are tied to a theater and a bucket of popcorn.

The cinema allows to know different perspectives of life and opens the mind to other worlds. With the new technologies, the internet and the services of streaming, today it is possible to have access to endless works.

Benefits of watching movies as a family

Getting kids to focus on an activity isn’t always easy. Neither is finding options that can be done with different family members at the same time.

Especially when there are children, adolescents and the elderly at home. But nevertheless, the magic of cinema is that it allows different audiences to connect. Best of all, it is not an empty activity. In fact, it has many benefits for the family.

Homes can be turned into movie theaters with the availability of new technology and online movie services.

1. Stimulates the imagination and training processes

“The potential of cinema to educate is indisputable”, points out a publication from the Complutense University of Madrid called Cinema, children and education. The child as a cinematographic spectator.

In this sense, the movies are able to transmit values ​​to children. It also allows them to see themselves represented in other scenarios that can be stimulating.

For example, when a character is able to overcome difficult situations, it can become a form of motivation for the family. On the other hand, it helps to stimulate the imagination, essential for the development of creativity.

2. Allows you to release stress and relax

Stress is one of the most common problems today. In fact, although it seems that it is an adult issue, children can also get stressed with school work or in situations of difficult emotional management.

In this sense, watching a movie can be a great way to relax as a family and have a fun time. Who doesn’t smile at a good comedy?

3. It helps to train in general culture

A large percentage of cinematographic productions are dedicated to the history or narration of real events. So, one of the great benefits of watching movies as a family is that they are a pedagogical reinforcement for history classes or a way to learn about various events of humanity.

From the Greek myths to the current migration crises. Virtually no subject escapes the big screen. You should only choose a theme that is suitable for all members of the family.

4. Create debates and reflection

A publication of the journal Intervención Psicosocial indicates that the video forum is a good strategy to promote processes of reflection on family issues. Saying video forum It refers to a dialogue space to know the comments about a film in a certain group of people.

Taken to the home, the debates can be done in such a way that all members reflect and give their opinions on the issues they saw. You learned? What did you like and what didn’t?

This is very useful when educating children in values, because most children’s movies have a moral. They also help create healthy processes of emotional management in the family.

5. Help to practice languages

When learning a new language, movies are excellent allies to practice and improve listening of that language in all members of the family. Also, when you grow up in a home where parents have different mother tongues, movies also bring the different languages ​​spoken at home closer together.

Watching movies in another language encourages listening skills and contributes to the process of learning another language.

Some good movies to watch as a family

There is almost an infinite number of movies that can be enjoyed as a family. Below, we list some of the most recognized of all time:

  • For the little ones: bambi, Frozen, Charm, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon or The Lion King.
  • For the entire family: My poor angel, Tales at nightfall, karate Kid, Matilda, Beethoven, Twins game or Mary Poppins.
  • Historical, real life and general culture: Schindler’s List, forest gump, The Butler, The king’s speech or gandhi.

Now that you know the benefits of watching movies as a family, you will surely want to have a good movie night. To make sure that the ones you are going to see are suitable for the ages of the members of your household, the best thing you can do is read their classification. Each country has a different system that is usually divided by age.

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