Warning signs in your body to detect high triglycerides

The triglycerides They are a type of fat (lipids) found in the blood. When you eat, the body converts all the calories it does not need to use triglycerides immediately. Later, hormones release them for energy between meals.

If you regularly eat more calories than you burn, particularly carbohydrate-rich foods, you can have high triglycerides, something known as hypertriglyceridemia.

Thus, triglycerides are an important measure for heart health. We rarely think about them until we have a blood test, but there are symptoms that indicate that their levels are high. Know the warning signs in your body.

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Why is having high triglycerides bad?

Over time, triglycerides harden and widen the walls of the arteries, making them less flexible and hindering the passage of blood, a disorder that is clinically called atherosclerosis.

In addition, the presence of high blood triglycerides is associated with increased risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, which are the leading cause of death according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Symptoms in the body of high triglycerides

Consult your doctor if you have any of these symptoms:

– Increase in fat in the abdomen, neck and hips.

– Appearance of warts in armpits and neck.

– Tiredness and muscle weakness.

– Swelling in the feet.

– Hair loss.

– Increased cravings for sweets.

According to the American Heart Association, the normal value of triglycerides in blood is less than 150 mg / dl. Beyond that level, the risk increases progressively.

From 200 to 499 mg / dl, it is already a high level at which the patient can start having symptoms. It is recommended to complement medical treatment with exercise and healthy diet. And from 500 mg / dl or more, it is already a very high health risk. People with this triglyceride concentration often have other diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes, which require immediate medical treatment.

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How to lower triglycerides?

Although hypertriglyceridemia is related to genetic components and the metabolism of each person, there are also habits that increase the risk of having high levels.

In addition to attending a medical consultation for a treatment, it is advisable to avoid:

– A diet rich in carbohydrates (especially refined sugar and artificial sweeteners).

– Eat pre-cooked food, fast food and sausages.

– Drink alcohol.

– Sedentary life.

– Eat saturated or trans fats.

– Eat with a lot of salt.

– Take some medications for a long time (ask your doctor if it may be a reason in your case).

Remember that a balanced diet is the best medicine.

And you, do you dare to make a change in your habits? If this information has been useful, share with your friends!

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