Wardrobe change: the 5 tips from Malaga's Marie Kondo to not die trying

When autumn comes, it's time to make a lake that terrifies us: the change of wardrobe. If when we change the seasonIt is also the time to renew the garments that we have in the closet and change them for the following season. It is a task that requires time, and in general, we can say that we all feel lazy to carry it out. For this reason, and as we know, that it is not at all pleasant to do the wardrobe change, we have turned to an ordara expert to give us some tips on how "not to die trying". Maria Zamora (@ korakora.orden), the Marie kondo Malaga, and professional organizer, gives us 5 essential tricks to make the wardrobe change with his KoraKora method. Take paper and pencil, because it will be the definitive guide you need.

Say goodbye to summer clothes

It sounds harsh, but it's time to say goodbye, or at least see you later, to summer clothes. It has accompanied us to all our trips, and experiences, but the summer clothes will have to wait until next season. «The first thing that you will take out will be the summer clothes. You will leave the mid-season garments, for now, in the closet ». The next step, according to María, is to place “the summer clothes on the well-classified bed; that is to say, bikinis, swimsuits, shorts, dresses … ». Oh, and don't forget to divide everything into categories well!

Wash summer clothes well

Once we have everything well classified, it is time to wash the summer clothes well and prepare them to store them until next year. To wash it, Maria gives us advice so that the typical yellow stains do not appear on clothing. His trick? Wash with 'little detergent and fabric softener. If we don't use, the better. And of course, do not iron those clothes.

Clean the closet well

Another trick to do the wardrobe change well is to clean it inside. In this way, when we go to add autumn clothes, it will be pristine and no garment will get dirty. KoraKora advises us to do it like this: «Put water and a splash of fabric softener in a bucket. Wet the cloth and clean little by little. Finish by drying the closet, and voila! ».

Take out winter clothes and organize by categories

To organize winter clothes, you have to do it little by little. María Zamora de KoraKora advises “always put what is hanging first. Once we run out of a bar, then we will start filling drawers, and finally shelves ».

Look for new boxes and labels


The summer clothes we will put it in bags and boxes. Depending on whether the clothes go in the storage room, the loft, or the sofa. Maria advises us to make this classification: for canapé (better to use cloth and flat boxes), for mezzanines (use cloth boxes, but somewhat taller), and for storage rooms (Use plastic boxes that do not exceed 40 liters to be able to handle them).

Another tip from Maria is to always label the boxes. This way, it will be easier to find everything later. Now that you know how to make the wardrobe change in a simple and effective way, it's time to get down to work.

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