Vitamin B12 in vegans: learn to identify if it is low

One of the most important vitamins for human metabolism is the b12 vitamin. If there is any deficiency in this, the consequences could be quite serious for the production of red blood cells. Also affecting the general maintenance of the immune system. Because of this learn to identify if vitamin b12 in vegans is low, as this will avoid health problems.

Within the vegan diet, vitamin b12 is the nutrient with the most contention. You can read all kinds of statements related to the subject. However, these are not always based on real evidence. The truth is that the information about a nutrient like this is quite extensive and the conclusions often cause various doubts. This is why every vegan or vegetarian must be attentive to the necessary amount of the nutrient in question, to avoid deficiencies.

What is Vitamin B12?

As is well known, the vitamin b12 in vegans It is essential, but it is also essential for people who eat meat. It is involved in the production of red blood cells and in the general functioning of the central nervous system. Keeping neurons in excellent condition and participating in the synthesis of neurotransmitters. In the same way, it acts as a coenzyme for a wide variety of metabolic reactions of great importance.

It is called cobalamin, it is a vitamin that dissolves very easily in water and there are two different ways to obtain it. The main one is through bacterial symbiosis, since the human intestinal microbial is capable of naturally producing cobalamin. Another way to obtain this nutrient is through diet. This is the most important way, since the body cannot obtain the necessary amounts.

However, vegans often require supplements to meet the necessary requirements, and some vegan vitamin b12 argentine brands They are excellent. Without neglecting the fact of including more foods with this nutrient in the daily diet.

Recommended amount of cobalamin

For adults, a maximum of 2.8 micrograms of this nutrient is recommended daily. Bearing in mind that this quantity is added to that produced by the same organism. In general, free cobalamin is released by the protein that is related to hydrochloric acid found in the stomach, which will later be absorbed by the intestine.

Apart from the most active varieties of cobalamin, there are also others that are not very useful for the human body. Bearing in mind this information is of great help, since they generate false results in blood tests. In vegan food it is something that happens very frequently. While many plant foods have b12 vitamin, it is not in an active form. And for this reason the consumption of vitamin b12 supplement for a vegan diet.

Foods where cobalamin is found

This nutrient is often found in products that come from animals. But there is legumes with vitamin b12, fermented foods, certain vegetables and mushrooms. Bearing in mind that there is not much scientific evidence that affirms the presence of active cobalamin in these foods.

Despite that, it is believed that there are cereals with vitamin b12 that could be reliable. Cobalamin is also found in the earth, but it is not advisable to consume unwashed food. Therefore, it is not a great idea if you want to obtain this nutrient through diet.

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Vitamin b12 deficiency

The foods with vitamin b12 of vegetable origin, this active nutrient is not normally available, it is more a corinoid or similar nutrient. Due to this, vegans are at risk of suffering from a deficiency of the mentioned nutrient. Apart from this, the analogous nutrients only cause difficulties in the absorption of cobalamin.

If the diet is based only on vegetables, pay close attention to the intake of cobalamin. A deficiency of this nutrient usually manifests itself with megaloblastic anemia, which is an alteration in the cells found in the bone marrow. Other symptoms are diarrhea, pale skin, loss of appetite, dizziness, confusion, and numbness in the extremities.

Likewise, vegans have to be vigilant if they are over 50 years old and need to take gastric protectors as in the case of Omeprazole. As if they have a problem with intestinal absorption disorders or have undergone digestive surgery.

Take vitamin b12 supplements

First of all, the main thing will be to consult a specialist to find out if it is really necessary to take vitamin b12 supplements. The normal thing is that it is prescribed in tablets. It is not difficult to know about the vitamin b12 price, since it is very simple to obtain it is not so expensive.

It's more simple buy vegan vitamin b12 in tablets not only because of how cheap it is. It is also because it is easier to transport. However, not all supplements are the same. The one that is most recommended in most cases is the so-called cyanocobalamin. It all depends on the dose, since the concentration varies between 1000 and 2000 micrograms.

The maintenance doses are usually the following: Consume portions of foods that are fortified every day, making sure that they add up to 4 micrograms in total. Take daily supplements of between 25 and 100 micrograms. Take weekly supplements. Any of the three options is valid, but remembering that an expert should be consulted before opting for any of them.

In summary, to avoid a lack of vitamin b12, prevention will be best. Where reliable information, quality supplements, and a diet high in cobalamin are available.


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