Virtual reality fitness: what is it?

The irruption of technology also reached the ways of exercising. With virtual reality it is possible to train in a certain landscape without leaving home.

Last update: February 16, 2022

Technological advances intervene in many aspects of life. One of them is physical activity. It is already common to have certain devices such as smartband or smart bracelets. However, in recent years another tool has been linked to exercise. More and more people use the fitness of virtual reality.

It is common to associate the term to video games, but this technology covers very diverse fields. Especially nowadays, thanks to the improvements and the progress of the viewers.

There are all kinds of variants to train, from sports to workout routines. cardio, as well as different levels that include beginners and advanced. The fitness Virtual reality is developing rapidly, so it is useful to know some of its advantages and disadvantages.

What is virtual reality fitness?

When talking about virtual reality, it is very likely that it refers directly to video games and entertainment. This is because the tool appeared hand in hand with consoles, especially the latest generation. For this reason, many people find it strange to put it according to physical exercise.

But there is no doubt that the fitness Virtual reality is beginning to intervene in the routine of thousands of athletes. It is about the adaptation of the helmets or visors to the universe of the exercise.

In this way, the body becomes the control knob, which encourages movements of all kinds. The objective is to focus that dynamism and direct it towards physical improvement. Being immersed in the virtual world, the person will be practicing that movement in the concrete reality.

Who can use it?

Anyone who enjoys exercising is qualified to use this technology. In addition, those who usually get bored training in a closed environment or with little visual stimulation, can apply it as a form of motivation.

This can lead to a general discouragement that drives people away from medium or long-term routines. For example, the treadmill or the bicycle. With the fitness With virtual reality, it is possible to generate an environment that collaborates with the entertainment and, in turn, maintains the concentration in the exercise.

Many beginners apply it as a gateway, then move on to more intense workouts. However, experienced athletes are no strangers either, as there are different levels adaptable to individual needs.

Boredom is a great against that makes many of the routines give up.

The types of exercise in virtual reality fitness

Some examples of applications for virtual training range from classic sports to exercise routines. cardio. They are presented in the form of options within the display device, but also integrated into machinery, such as home bicycles:

  • FitXR: is an application designed for dance and boxing programs. It offers the option of a digital trainer that guides the exercise.
  • Beat Saber: focused on rhythmic routines. It also includes boxing programs.
  • Holofit: it is presented as a multi-sport application. It offers several types of scenarios, difficulties and exercises. Enable competition.
  • VirZOOM: bicycle developed directly with virtual reality. It includes a viewfinder that allows you to enjoy the digital environment while pedaling.
  • Other disciplines: Besides of cardio and boxing, sports such as basketball, table tennis or target shooting also have virtual alternatives.

Advantages of virtual reality fitness

It is clear that exercising with this technology does not replace classical training, at least so far. However, virtual reality has a number of advantages that are worth trying.

motivating environment

Persistence is one of the fundamental aspects. for anyone who wants to progress in the fitness. For this reason, it is important to stay motivated. Through the viewfinder, it is possible to select various scenarios that generate greater entertainment.


It may not be an advantage at first, since the price of some equipment can be high. But being a one-time expense, it becomes economical if it is equated with the monthly fee of a gym. In addition, many choose to train from their homes and the fitness Virtual reality is functional to that decision.


These new technologies enable physical movements previously unthinkable for consoles or home devices. For example, the arm strength that boxing applications require.

playful character

Many users say that they even forget they are going through a workout. The structure of fitness virtual reality presents characteristics that resemble a video game. Therefore, it is very likely that it will generate fun while improving the state.

competition motivates

Within the playful aspect, with these applications it is also possible to compete, both with other users and with their own personal brands. This always generates motivation and an impetus for improvement. Also, it works as a progress meter.

front door

It is possible that this variant is the access route for many people to the universe of exercise. Even from children or adolescents, who are often attracted to this technology.

Disadvantages of virtual reality fitness

Of course, not all are advantages in the fitness of virtual reality. One of its biggest cons is exercising with the extra weight on your head that comes with a visor. It ranges between 300 and 600 grams, depending on the brand and model. This can lead to poor posture.

On the other hand, some versions still use cables; something that is not at all comfortable when trying to move the body. In addition, he lacks the direct guidance of a coach.

Virtual reality helmets have a weight that must be considered in sports.

Items needed to practice virtual reality fitness

The basic equipment to start this activity includes viewers, which vary according to price and quality, headphones and command controls for the upper limbs. What’s more, app download and subscription required.

While not a lot of accessories, a scope can be expensive, so it’s important to test its effectiveness before purchasing. Once acquired, it no longer demands other types of expenses.

Efficacy of virtual reality fitness

It is very likely that doubts will arise about the effectiveness of virtual exercise, especially in people with little connection to technology. However, a viewer to perform fitness can be very advantageous especially to modify a boring environment.

Activities such as walking, running or practicing HIIT routines are always more pleasant when contemplating a suitable landscape. In addition, it contributes to the concentration.

In any case, since it is still a new technology within the fitness, there are not many clinical studies that expose the specific effects. Any application that encourages activities with a certain physical intensity is likely to have positive results for the body.

Although the fitness virtual reality has many advantages, it would be advisable to combine it with other options. The viewer offers the possibility of modifying the environment without leaving the home, but this can never replace the practice of any outdoor sport.

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