Viral decorating tricks to make your living room look bigger

There is one thing that we are clear about, at least in terms of decoration: size does not matter. We all dream of living in a mansion, but the reality is that most of us have to ‘settle’ for a small apartment to turn into a warm home. And oddly enough, just as we tell you the secrets to get brighter rooms, multiply the square meters of our house without reforms or removals it is much easier than it seems if we put a few into practice very simple and effective tricks. We had already started with the closet and the bedroom, and today we continue with the living room. Take note.

Color is our great ally to play with the spaces. Always following the 60-30-10 rule, we will use light tones as a base, since they provide luminosity and have an amplifying effect. The sand and beige tones are our safe bet to bring warmth to the room and avoid the ‘hospital style’, and on them we will play with neutral tones as secondary (gray, brown) and we will provide special notes in details in ranges such as greens, blues , yellow or garnet.


In addition, we can play with perspective to give room to room: we will put the soft and smooth colors in the area that we want to perceive the farthest, and the most intense tones and the textured finishes, in the foreground. We can also incorporate pictures, photographs or paintings with depth, as well as mirrors that visually multiply the space.

Furniture will also be good allies. On the one hand, we will bet on the minimalist styles and we will flee from the ‘horror vacui’ (yes, the less, the better) to provide cleanliness and spaciousness; we will prefer the low furniture (chests of drawers, side tables, poufs) that make the space appear more open and finishes in methacrylate or transparent PVC, which will blend in with the space, giving a very functional service, but going almost unnoticed.

Natural lighting sources play in our favor. The light has amplifying power, and the windows, if we leave them open with the blinds and windows removed, will make the gaze turn to the outside, achieving an extra amplitude. Finally, and if we want to get into small reforms, we will throw down a few partitions and we will create an ‘open concept’ space, joining for example the living room and the kitchen, or the dining room.