Viral deco tricks: how to transform (almost free) IKEA’s best-selling 50 euro bookcase and turn it into a designer piece of furniture

If we type in Google the term ‘IKEA hacks, the search engine gives us more than 40 million results. Forty millions. On Instagram, we found more than half a million posts with that hashtag, and 18 million YouTube videos. Yes, beyond the tips to make your living room look bigger or your house have more light, the Internet goes crazy with tricks to transform IKEA furniture, personalize it and make it unique with endless tutorials and practical, easy, original and cheap DIY ideas. Among all of them, today we have signed one that will make you never see the same again a Kallax shelf, one of the Swedish giant’s ‘best sellers’. And, believe us, no one who visits your home will think that that wonderful piece of furniture that looks like it came from an antique store has cost you less than 50 euros …

Nothing like throwing your imagination (or seeing many inspirational photos on Pinterest), having good taste (reading the deco section of Mujerhoy, you have it easy) and being a bit crafty to get a simple shelf in natural wood color and minimalist lines ( the same one that 80% of your friends have in their living room) becomes as if by magic a sideboard that will become the undisputed star of your living room or hall.

In this case, the author of this ‘hack’ to the classic Kallax shelf from IKEA (it can also be done with the famous Billy, which is even cheaper and since it has a back, it will save us a couple of steps in the DIY) bet on the retro aesthetic and change the original wood color for blackAlthough in reality, any dark shade, such as mahogany, wenge, bottle green, navy blue or garnet, will also cover any flaws. If, on the other hand, you bet on white, you will achieve a very clean, minimalist and elegant effect, in addition to making the space seem larger.


In addition to adding legs, which turns the shelf into a piece of furniture, the key to this transformation is in the doors added to the Kallax, which make it absolutely unrecognizable. Some wooden slats and a raffia cloth as a cover (in addition to hinges, of course) will be enough to create those doors.


With this base, our 49 euro shelf is completely transformed, but we can still let our imagination fly more: from betting on more groundbreaking colors (yellow, red) to adding an aged effect to the finish, painting the doors with floral, oriental, children’s motifs (if we are going to use it in the children’s bedroom ), add raised moldings, more doors, original pulls or incorporate elements in gold or copper tones to add a plus of very luxurious sophistication.

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