Vikika Costa has shared a trick (that we already knew) to face the pain of the period

If you read us (which we know we do) you will know that one of the herbal remedies known to have under control the Premenstrual syndrome and all that that entails is evening primrose oil, a natural remedy that we have been taking for a long time and from which Vikika costa She is also a fan, so much so that she has included it in her range of Vikika Gold natural products.

This magic capsule is not only available to everyone, but it also hides many benefits if you are constantly taking it: the evening primrose oil is rich in gamma-linolenic acid and other polyunsaturated fatty acids, very difficult to find in other plants. On the market we can find capsules with proportions of between 9 and 10%, something quite significant if we take into account that these acids intervene in the functioning of the cells of our body.

What does it promise? (and it's not like with your flirtations: they are not empty promises)

It states reduce menstrual discomfortas well as regulating cycles and helping with bloating, hormonal regulation, and tummy pain. A possible solution for those who suffer from very painful and annoying premenstrual symptoms, although if these are unbearable, it is most likely that you suffer from dysmenorrhea and have to go to a professional.

The oil also promises to interfere with blood pressure regulation, cholesterol control, and mental and cognitive health. But above all, it helps maintenance of elastic, hydrated and less inflamed skinSince this plant is also attributed anti-inflammatory effects that help with eczema or other forms of the skin that involve redness or swelling.

One pill a day (and a lot of perseverance) will ensure that your hormonal cycles are regulated and the rules are not, metaphorically, the end of your world every month for a week. Whether from a herbalist, the option proposed by the coach (who also carries vitamin E) or from a pharmacy … the solution is in your hand.

We (and Vikika) have done great. Little word.

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