Vicky Martín Berrocal has the perfect detox shake to start the morning (and deflate)

We learn a lot from celebrities, especially on detox. From Miranda Kerr we learned that apple cider vinegar is holy, from Reese Witherspoon that there is a perfect green smoothie to incorporate into the diet and now, Vicky Martín Berrocal has taught us that a 'smoothie' Morning must not be green to be detox and that beet is undoubtedly a superfood.

It has been in his Instagram stories where he has taught us what his foolproof smoothie recipe for purify the body.






-Lemon juice

The preparation? Super simple! Everything to the mixer and to enjoy, and that is, this food combination is great to start the day with energy and forget about the breakfasts that only provide empty calories.

In January we told you why beets had positioned themselves as the superfood of the year, and that is, its properties speak for themselves: especially when it comes to losing weight and smoothie, its composition is highly purifying, but it does not stay there, it is also good for the quality of the skin and hair. He celeryOn the other hand, it is another of the purifying foods par excellence. What's more, the famous ones have been swearing and perjuring their benefits for the skin or for the retention of liquids for several years, in a concoction called 'celery juice' that, by the way, is taken by Ariadne Artiles and that only contains celery and water. "After 4 months drinking celery juice on an empty stomach, I feel the skin is cleaner and more oxygenated than ever and also much more luminous," wrote the model on her blog, saying she was a fan of the properties of this vegetable, which is not very popular to say .

The next ingredient in Vicky's smoothie is the ginger, which not only helps with colds but also acts as a thermogen accelerating metabolism. The spinach They are a very healthy source of iron, (if they have never convinced you, you can try the baby that are somewhat softer) and the lemon, It is the natural scrubber with more followers, this citrus full of vitamins can be your indispensable ally, but be careful to take it alone and on an empty stomach if you have acidity problems. The best thing is to mix it with more foods, like in this smoothie.

Now, yes, after reviewing the benefits of Vicky's shake one by one, we can only say one thing: tomorrow will be our breakfast. Little word.

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