Very cheap furniture and decorations from the new Zara Home collection to copy the rustic decoration of this cozy country house

A house is four walls, but a home is much more: it is a refuge, it is memories, smells, sensations, the desire to arrive and stay. Therefore, warmth is key to achieving transform a house into our home, and the details, our best allies to achieve it and make a difference. The rustic aestheticlike Mid-Century Modern, can be a great deco ally to achieve this, because it not only transports us to the countryside, no matter where we are, it is also synonymous with a cozy atmosphere and comfortable in which simplicity is the protagonist. And the impressive house of the Argentine artist Conie Vallese, a perfect inspiration to replicate, with cheap furniture and decorations from Zara Home, this rustic and cozy style.

The striped linen tablecloth costs 59.99 euros, the glasses and cups, from 4.99 euros, the ceramic pitchers 29.99 euros and the wooden chair, 99.99 euros at Zara Home. The wooden baskets cost €29.99, the vases are available from €29.99, the curly wool blankets €99 and the rug €599. / ZARA HOME

«Reduce everything to something simpler, appreciate it, value it and see it with the most open eyes. Living here encompasses all of that. Enjoy nature, breathe it and take care of it. Learning to live in a more organic way. The search for a beautiful space within me has to be reflected in my environment. My house has to accommodate: I want warmth, sun, fresh air, simple objects, the ocean, horseback riding, enjoying creating in my workshop or cooking for friends. It all comes down to feeling good and the space and what surrounds us is paramount on that path«, says the artist Conie Vallese in the new Zara Home deco editoriala perfectly tuned symphony in which the rustic style, simplicity and warmth rule in an imposing country house.

The wooden chair costs 599 euros and the oak table, 499 euros. The recycled wood bench costs 149 euros and the blanket, 69.99 euros. The ash stool costs 79.99 euros. / ZARA HOME

Recycled wood, oak or ash, jute, wicker, organic materials (cotton, linen), natural fibers and a palette of neutral colors (beige, earth, maroon, mossy green, ochre) are the stars of a decorative collection. that delves into rustic aesthetics and cottage stylebut that can be extrapolated to an apartment in the center of the city, because the objective is to create simple but elegant spaces, welcoming and full of warmth.

The trestle table costs 349 euros, the Zara Home gardening collection is available from 12.99 euros and the striped tablecloth, 49.99 euros. The jute baskets cost between 19.99 and 49.99 euros and the side table, 69.99 euros. / ZARA HOME

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