#Veganuary: Tania Llasera's first food challenge of the year

Already in the equator of the first month of the year, things are seen with another perspective. Gone are the Christmas feasts, which did not end until well into the first week of January with the departure of the Magi to the East, saying goodbye as you deserve this time of year with a good roscón. Well, several have been the food challenges that have been created on social networks and have already become viral, but above all one of them is the one that has attracted our attention: the #Veganuary. What is it about?

The term coined that match the words "January" and "Vegan" It consists of avoiding foods such as eggs, meat, fish … That is, becoming vegan for a month and thus feeding on vegetables to detoxify the excesses of the holidays. This challenge, to which the presenter Tania Llasera has joined, and which has become viral in social networks was invented by a British non-profit food organization dedicated to making life easier for vegan people both in your purchases in supermarkets and in restaurants, and increase the visibility of veganism.

At present veganism It has become a lifestyle for many of the people who have opted for this type of food and who currently they already add 10% of the Spanish population. In addition to betting on a healthier diet and caring for animals, this adds to the awareness of caring for the environment as well.

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Although this has not been the only challenge that has caught our attention during the month of January. There are two other terms that have been gaining more and more strength in social networks throughout these weeks. First of all we have to refer to "Dry January" or what is the same, "Dry January", which consists of staying sober or reducing the consumption of alcoholic beverages during the month of January, launched by the British NGO Alcohol Concern. And on the other hand, we have the challenge of "Januhairy" which in this case is about trying to let your body hair grow naturally throughout the month … What challenge would you be willing to join?

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