Vasisthasana: a yoga posture that works with strength and concentration

Within the practice of yoga, Vasisthasana is very common. Its name is due to Vasistha, one of the greatest sages of the Vedic era, who was part of the authors of the Rigveda, the oldest text in India. Vasisthasana would then mean "Vasistha posture".

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How to do it

On a yoga mat, mat, mat or folded blanket, stand on all fours, that is, on your knees, with your arms extended and your hands supported, one under each shoulder. The knees should be shoulder width apart.

Inhaling, stretch your legs into an iron. You should get your buttocks well, bring the abdomen inward as if the navel wanted to approach the spine, and keep your back straight. Now take the weight to the right hand and rotate to place yourself on a lateral plane, with the left leg on the right. The opposite arm should stretch up. The hips should not fall down, the abdomen should remain contracted and the legs stretched.

Hold the posture for a few seconds and change sides. You can go through the iron again to make the passage safer. As you gain strength and practice you can change directly. Give yourself time: that is also part of Yoga.

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  • Work the force
  • Strengthens joints, especially shoulders, elbows and wrists
  • Tones arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks
  • Work your back
  • Improves posture
  • Promotes balance and concentration
  • It is very beneficial in cases of scoliosis


Avoid doing this posture if you have injuries in any part of your body, because many muscle groups participate. Be especially careful if you have injuries to your shoulders, arms or wrists.

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