Uttanasana: the yoga posture that will help you sleep better and relax

Yoga is body and mind. Postures like that of the cat or that of the warrior help you improve specific physical aspects, while others like the balasana induce relaxation and inner peace. To this last group belongs the uttanasana, a pose that will allow you to sleep better and provide a good rest. The one you need.

The uttanasana has great benefits for both beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners. You stretch your whole body, with which you will gain flexibility and improve the health of your back. Keeps your spine strong and, at the same time, you want to flexibility. But one of the main reasons it has legions of adherents is because of its relaxing effects and everything that helps calm anxiety. Especially if the stress load is suffocating. This pose will give you Sweet dreams.

How to do the uttanasana

It is a posture is ideal for f strengthen the muscles and calm the mind. Bring your legs together and support your hands on both sides of your hips. Breathe deeply. Then you have to stretch your arms to the sky and bend the body forward when you need to empty your lungs. But keep your legs still and straight. You do not have to bend from the hips, but from the joints of the legs themselves. You must push your hips forward.

While doing that kind of push-up, remember to always keep your back well stretched. Now comes the most demanding part. When the shoulders reach the level of the legs, the intense stretching. If you can, rest the palms of your hands on the mat, in front of the feet. Or touch it with the tips of your fingers. If you can’t either, nothing happens. Use a block or anything that helps you.

Finally, place your feet hip-width apart and slightly bend your knees holding your elbows. Let your arms hang from the root through your feet and slowly get up. Do not do it abruptly because you can get dizzy.

The secret of posture

The uttanasana is one of the postures that leads to greater confusion among its practitioners. Contrary to popular belief, it is not about touching your toes. The object is not to establish a kind of link between the fingers of the hands and the feet, but to involve what is in the middle system body: waist, back, lungs … The uttanasana provides a extension of the whole back, including the territory from the soles of the feet to the back of the legs.

This stretch spans the lower, middle, and upper back. Then it goes up the neck and moves in circles over the scalp and down the forehead to finally finish at the point that can be drawn between the eyebrows. When you bend forward in uttanasana, you stretch this whole muscle group and connective tissue, from the point of support of the curvature towards the pelvis.

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