Ustrasana (or camel pose), the yoga asana that improves your posture

By now, you already know that there are many forms of yoga and that mainly everything depends on your physical form and goals. But there are postures that never fail. If you want to improve circulation, you have the apanasana. If you want to reduce belly and gain abs, you will resort to the phalakasana. If you want energy, what better than the classic greeting to the sun. And if your need is focused on improving posture, you have this wonder that is the ustrasana, one of Cristina Pedroche’s favorites.

Benefits of Ustrasana

Performing the shoulder pose helps stretch the deep hip flexors, which promotes greater flexibility of that area It can also help improve your posture because it focuses on stretching your back, which helps straighten it out. In addition, it is effective in relieving lower back pain by helping to open up the hip flexors and provides good blood circulation to all the organs because the whole body is involved in this yoga asana.

As you stretch your upper body to do ustrasana, you will essentially be stretching your back and shoulders, which contributes to improve your mobility. It benefits the entire female body by opening up the pelvic area. It is an effect that may be related to the reduction of period pain in the abdomen, ovaries, etc.

This is an asana that emphasizes opening up the muscles of the legs, ankles, and hamstrings (the muscles at the back of the thighs). These benefits can help prevent conditions such as varicose veins. Also to tone the thighs, hips, buttocks and back muscles.

How to do ustrasana or camel pose well

To start, get down on your knees and spread your legs so they’re hip-width apart. squeeze your thighs inwards (towards each other). Make sure the soles of your feet are facing up. Now you have to place palms on hips and inhale and exhale deeply.

Engage your hands to lengthen the rear pelvis. Now slowly bring your tailbone up towards your pelvic bone, that bone at the front of your pelvic girdle. Keep arching your backtake your hands off your hips and try reach for heels. Your arms should be out with your elbow bent forward. Your arms should be straight and your back should be as arched as possible. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to a minute while you breathe deeply.

The importance of breathing

Each yoga pose is performed by regulating your breathing pattern. While doing camel pose, you will also need to modulate your breathing, which will help you improve lung capacity and thus increase the elasticity of the lung tissue. As you stretch your entire upper body back, you’ll engage your core, back, and throat. This has a greater and positive impact on the Kidney glandsthyroid, pituitary and pineal.