Using lipstick daily could be ruining your health and this is the terrible reason

The beauty industry can be perverse. In fact, there are many things about her that big businessmen do not want you to know. Luckily, little by little, all this comes to light, which allows us to improve our decisions when choosing the products we use.

Lipsticks are today in the eye of the storm, because many of them have a very dangerous component for health. It has become known that to make them more durable, some companies add certain amounts of lead.

Maybe you think that this is solved by buying the most recognized brands, but it is not like that. A recent study found that the leading brands in the world of cosmetics use lead in the creation of their lipsticks.

Why should you worry? What are the consequences? Is there an exit? This is all you have to know about it.

"Safe" levels of lead

What cosmetic brands claim is that the amounts of lead in their lipsticks are so small that they do not affect the health of people. That is, they contain safe levels of lead.

This is very questionable. There are scientists who believe that there are no safe levels of lead. When this material is breathed or ingested, it reaches the blood, since the body is not able to metabolize it. The accumulation of lead in blood can bring huge health problems.

But even assuming blood lead levels were safe, it's not good for the lips either. In the long run, spots, eczema and inflammation may appear.

On the use of lead lipsticks

That said, it is true that eventually using a lipstick with safe levels of lead is practically harmless. But using it daily, as we said, can be very harmful to health.

In that sense, if you are going to buy a lipstick, it is very important that you demand to know the composition. Not everyone has lead, so it is possible to use lipstick daily without damaging your health. You have to make sure that the materials they work with are safe.

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Did you know that some lipsticks have lead is their composition?

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