Useful habits to get up early without difficulty

There are people who seem to have a natural gift to get up early, and others who simply cannot do it. They feel that the bed absorbs them in the morning and they rethink their whole life every time the alarm rings.

The truth is that getting up early without difficulty is, above all, a matter of habits. It is not magic, and you may not get it overnight. But if you know how to recognize the essential habits that you have to change to achieve it, it will be much less complicated than you thought.

In this article we tell you everything you need to know to achieve it.

Getting up early without difficulty: the best tips

  • 1. You won't get up early if you don't get enough sleep

This is the golden rule. It is one thing to get up early and another is to get up after two hours of sleep without difficulty. The first is possible, the second is not. That is to say: you should not ask your body to sleep every day for less than 6 hours and not to resist, because the truth is that resting little makes health bad. Your body protects you trying to avoid what is wrong.

So, get up at the time you get up, you always have to sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day. This brings us to the second point.

  • 2. Lie down earlier

Given the above, the equation is simple: to get up before you have to go to bed before. If for some reason you cannot do it (because you are too late home from work, for example), then perhaps you should not get up early. In any case, what you will have to do is try to find habits so that your morning starts at the time you start, gives you better.

  • 3. Check your nighttime habits

Now, if you can go to bed early but you don't, what you should check is why you don't do it. Do you stay watching series until late at night? Do you postpone things you have to do until you only have to solve them at the last minute? Do you like going out with your friends until late?

Here you will have to review what matters most to you, if you wake up early or continue doing what you do. And if it turns out that you want to prioritize getting up early, you should be patient. Because before going for it, you will have to start changing those nocturnal habits.

  • 4. Have your own night ritual to help you sleep

Change your nocturnal habits for others that help you, not only to go to bed early, but to sleep better. Some advices? Turn down the lights of the house, turn off the phone once and get away from the screens, eat light, drink an herbal tea, use essential oils to aromatize the home, read your favorite book.

Starting to lower the intensity of the day early will help you get into a state of drowsiness that will take you to bed earlier than you think.

  • 5. Move the alarm clock

Now, all this is perfect, but it may still be hard to get up early in bed. If you have a good rest, some little tricks will make getting up a piece of cake.

For example this: move the alarm clock away from the bed. Even more, leave it in another room. Yes, it may seem drastic, but if you force yourself to get up to turn it off you will have done most of the work.

  • 6. Set only one alarm

Our brain is sometimes our worst enemy. If you set several alarms, it will relax. Don't fool him, he knows he has another chance! Then, most likely, it encourages you to keep sleeping. So press your brain by setting a single alarm. You will see that it will be easier for you to get up at the first, because it is the only opportunity.

  • 7. Ask a friend for help

Do you have a friend who goes to work before you? Ask him to call you at the time you want to be up, to verify that you have done so. This works very well because engaging with someone implies a much greater commitment than doing it with yourself. You will not want to fail your friend, and in this way you will find it easier to get out of bed.

  • 8. Give yourself a reward

Maybe having a full and delicious breakfast prepared from the previous night, or giving you 15 minutes to read your favorite novel in silence, or taking a bath with salts. What you like most and feel that you deserve for having managed to get up early.

In the end, we are animals of customs, and if we receive a reward when we do something well we will want to continue doing it.

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What do you think of these tips? Do you think you can do it?


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