University student cries because his family again left him alone at his graduation

This young man kept the illusion until the end, however, his family made him a painful rudeness for the third time. Learn about the heartbreaking story.

Last update: December 28, 2021

The family has a mission to provide security, trust and love. Because of that, What a child looks forward to most is that his loved ones are by his side in the most important moments of his life.

However, unfortunately there are cases in which the family isolates itself. Because of this, they are not there to provide constant support and cause deep emotional injury.

This is what happened to Jeric Rivas, a young Chilean who from his childhood stood out academically. Nevertheless, He never had a company highlighting his capabilities and titles.

Absence from college graduations

By the end of elementary school, Jeric was excited to receive the honors for successfully completing all subjects. But nevertheless, his illusion was extinguished in the ceremony that he had dreamed of so much.

This is because no family member was by his side on that special day. For that reason, when they called him into the microphone there was no one to help him hang his medal.

Unfortunately, the situation did not change when he received his high school honors. So much so Jeric had to borrow some parents to accompany him when he had to go up to the auditorium.

In addition, the rejection was not only in the ceremonies, but also in daily life. That way, Jeric was forced to leave his home and have to work from an early age.

Thus, with part-time jobs, he was able to satisfy his basic needs and pay for the house he moved to. In addition, He was able to continue to pay for the University and the materials he needed for each job.

The day of graduation from the University

Despite all the rudeness and adversity, Jeric hoped that a family member would join him on his most important graduation day. Because of that, He looked around before they started calling out the honorees.

However, his search was unsuccessful. In this way, while all his companions were going up accompanied, It was his turn to receive his diploma and his solo medal.

As a result of that fact, Jeric couldn’t hold back the tears as he walked through the auditorium. Well, he could not hide anymore the disappointment and envy of not having someone who was proud of his triumphs.

In that way, he found a place on social media to finish venting. There he stated that he felt happy for being a professional, but sad for not having someone to accompany him in his life.

That was how his story quickly went viral and moved the vast majority of Internet users. Similarly, They all let him know that they were proud of his graduation and that he was a great example of life for overcoming all obstacles.

Final reflection

Family members are the most important people to a person. That way, with your company they can strengthen the development of a child or cause wounds that accompany him for the rest of his life.

What’s more, It must be clear that rejection by family members is one of the events that most weakens a person’s self-esteem. This is because it makes you feel that you have no virtues and that you do not deserve to receive love.

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