Types of mattresses and recommendations to choose the right one

We present a summary of the main types of mattresses and their most important characteristics. The idea is to have an overview of the options available.

Last update: September 13, 2021

They say that rest is sacred. We all agree that sleeping well and on a comfortable surface is essential to start each day with renewed energy. In this context, there are different types of mattresses and not all of them are appropriate, so many times we are not sure which one to choose.

This time we will do a brief review of some of the mattresses available on the market. In this way, you will have a summary of what is offered and its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we will finish with some recommendations that you can take into account when choosing the mattress that is most appropriate for you.

Types of mattresses for all tastes

Mattresses have evolved over time and their designs are becoming more comfortable. The material and its structure have also improved and the range of options is increasingly wide.

Spring mattresses

The classic spring mattress has improved its technology over time and today remains one of the most sought after models. One of its main advantages is that the body's weight is distributed evenly, so possible tensions are relieved. In addition, its internal ventilation is very efficient and does not generate heat when you sleep.

Among its disadvantages, we find that the stiffness can sometimes be excessive and does not mold well to the body. Over time it deforms unevenly.

One of the characteristics that you must take into account is the number of layers of padding you have, to ensure that its cushioning is good. Within this model we can find 3 types:

  • Pocket springs: in these types of mattresses, each spring is independent from the rest, so they remain firm without affecting the resistance of the others. It is ideal if you will share the mattress with someone.
  • Of continuous threads: the springs are joined with a steel wire. It is special for those who sleep alone.
  • Biconic: it is a mixture of the two previous models, because it is formed with individual springs, but united in the same structure. Weight cannot be distributed evenly.
Spring mattresses are the most traditional, but their technology has changed over time.

Foam mattresses

The material of its manufacture is polyurethane or polyester. They vary according to the density of the foam, the height and its quality.

Inside there are air bubbles that make it unsteady, so it is difficult for them to maintain the shape of the body when exerting pressure. The higher the density, the higher the weight. Although they are inexpensive, one of the disadvantages of these types of mattresses is that their ventilation is not good and they are prone to the development of mites.

Memory foam mattresses

These constitute a variable of better quality of the foam mattresses that we mentioned in the previous point. The foam with which they are made is firmer and adapts more easily to the shape of the body, so it returns to its original position quickly. They are considerably more expensive, but are worth the investment.

Latex mattresses

Among the advantages of these mattresses we can mention their rapid return to the original shape. However, they are usually very expensive and heavy, due to the materials of manufacture. They are made with latex, a viscous material that is extracted from the rubber tree.

It is recommended for those who move a lot when sleeping, because it offers no resistance and remains firm. Finally, it is not a good home for mites thanks to its composition.

Gel mattress

When we lay down on a gel mattress, this yields and a flexion occurs that attenuates the pressure that is exerted on the body. It is a fresh material and a structure that favors the circulatory system.

Recommendations for choosing the right mattress

Did you know that your favorite sleeping position influences the choice of mattress? This is the case and it is even decisive for the election to be successful.

These are some tips to know which mattress will best adapt to our anatomy, the posture we have when sleeping and the amount of movement we do when resting.

Resting position

If you sleep on your stomach most of the time, then the ideal would be to opt for a relatively soft mattress that does not cause discomfort in the cervical area and the spine. If your favorite position is on your side, then look for a moderately firm mattress. While to rest on your back the suggestion is a very firm one. In this way, you will be taking care of the neck and back.


People who move around a lot at night should find a mattress that quickly returns to its original shape. If movements are poor, firm mattresses are preferred.

You have to consider your own habits when resting to choose the best mattress.


You need to test the mattress before you buy it. So our suggestion is that you wear comfortable clothes and go to the market early. Lie down on each mattress for a while to feel how your body adjusts to it.


If you suffer from chronic back pain, all the more so you have to spend time testing each mattress. For example, if you have lower back problems, the ideal would be to choose a mattress whose firmness is of a medium term.

Physical context

Weight and height are also factors to take into account when deciding on one mattress or another. In this sense, those who weigh less than 60 kilograms could opt for a softer model, especially if they sleep on their side. On the contrary, people who exceed 100 kilos need a firmer mattress.

It is worth investing time and money to choose the type of mattress

The reality is that if we sleep about 8 hours a day, it is worth investing in a good mattress. Taking the time to read about the models available today, their advantages and disadvantages and above all try them, is crucial.

A good night's sleep is very important for our body and mind. The mattress takes a significant part at bedtime accordingly. We hope these tips help you find the mattress you are looking for. Happy rest!