Types of divorce and characteristics

The number of couples who underwent separation in 2020 was higher than in previous years. But there are different types of divorce, the characteristics of which are worth knowing.

In a nutshell, we could define divorce as the dissolution of a marriage bond. It is not the same as a separation, when the bond has not been dissolved. Therefore, each member of the relationship will not be able to remarry until the divorce is not effective.

What types of divorce are there?

There are up to four types of divorce, so knowing them is essential to know which is the one that best fits what a couple wants and wants.

It will also depend on the circumstances, the choice of one type or another. We know that this procedure is not easy at all. It is painful, there may be recriminations and difficulties in obtaining the end of the link.

However, before getting into the subject, it is convenient to have something very clear. Since Law 15/2005 was approved in Spain, Only the will of one of the parties is needed for the divorce to be requested. Before there could be problems if one of the members of the couple did not want to break the bond.

Divorce has a legal component that involves the signing of documents and separation of assets.

1. Amicable or mutually agreed divorce

This is the first of the types of divorce and the best. Thanks to the fact that both parties want to end their bond, the process will be simple, fast and inexpensive.

What must be done is to file the divorce and the agreement to appear in court later. The agreement must include the distribution of assets, custody of children and inheritance issues.

2. Contentious divorce

This second kind of divorce It occurs when only one of the members of the couple wants to divorcewhile the other disagrees. There is no agreement here, so a lawsuit is filed. It is clear that the other person is going to lose, since if one wants to divorce this is the only result there will be.

The problem with a contentious divorce is that the argument continues. The person who does not want to divorce can put obstacles based on the distribution of assets, custody of the children or just because the process is delayed in time. The truth is that these processes can last a year and a half, which will be a great emotional drain.

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3. Administrative divorce

The funny thing about this third type of divorce is that there is no need to go through a judicial procedure. You just have to go to the civil registry in which the marriage was made to dissolve it.

It is a quick procedure. However, there must be mutual agreement between the couple, that there are no children involved and that neither spouse needs alimony.

4. Uncaused divorce or express divorce

The last of the types of divorce refers to Law 15/2005, since thanks to its approval, It is only necessary that one of the members wants to divorce to proceed to start the process. Everything is much easier.

It is not even necessary to argue for the reasons why you want to break the link, which speeds things up.

The appropriate thing is that the divorce process is by mutual agreement so that everything is cheaper and faster. In the end, a divorce always brings sadness. Why delay suffering more in time? In fact, if it is possible to access an administrative one, it should not be missed.

Even divorce by mutual agreement is painful, so it is a priority to generate spaces for understanding in the process.

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Consequences of a divorce

A divorce always has consequences, especially if it is not by mutual agreement. Contentious divorce types don't just break the relationship, sometimes the people as well.

It is common to find cases of depression on the part of the spouse who wants to separate. The frustration and pain you feel increase when you realize that the other person is not going to make it easy for you.

Self-esteem can also be diminished. In all cases, it would be advisable for the two people who until now had been married to go to a psychologist.

In marriages that have been together for many years, people may also have feelings of loneliness, insecurity, believing that they will not be able to find anyone else. They are normal feelings for which an amicable divorce helps a lot. However, doing therapy is more than essential.

Types of divorce are different avenues for breakup

It is very possible that we did not know that there were so many different types of divorce. This is important, since it gives us the possibility to choose the option that best suits us.

Of course, the divorce by mutual consent is the best and the administrative one as well. But it is true that litigation is a frequent type that, perhaps, should make us reflect on the way in which we conceive and live our relationships.