Two years in prison for the mother who killed her baby by falling asleep on him

On the night of March 30, 2017 Marina Tillby picked up her baby Darian for only four weeks and he went with his sister to a bar of New Quay, in West Wales. They were getting drunk next to two men whom they met there and playing throwing the baby through the air as if it were a doll. When they had drunk enough alcohol, the two women, the two men and Darian left the place.

They decided to go to a quieter place and went to a caravan that was nearby. There Marina fell asleep with the bad luck that he did crushing your baby. An hour and a quarter later her sister tried to wake her up alarmed when she saw that Darian had blood coming out of his mouth, but he was not able to get it up.

The sister quickly took the baby to Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth, some 30 kilometers away, but it was too late: Darian had died of cardiac arrest. For prosecutor Catherine Richards the cause of death is that Marina Tilby fell asleep on him and crushed him. However, Judge Paul Thomas who presided over the trial said that the medical tests could not prove that circumstance and did not rule out other possibilities.

Two years in jail

Although the evidence could not justify that Darian's death was for the crush, Judge Thomas has sentenced her to two years and four months in prison by deliberate negligence in "a terrible case of maternal selfishness". In the sentence that the BBC says that "it is the responsibility, the duty and the natural instinct of the mother to put the care and your four-week-old son's safety above all the rest".

However, the judge accused her of having acted without concern or taking care of the child's health: "You completely ignored that duty to get extremely drunk on a night out. "

It is the responsibility, duty and natural instinct of the mother to put the care and safety of her 4-week-old child above everything else

For his part, the woman's lawyer, Dyfed Thomas, explained that her client had been diagnosed with depression since Darian's death and that "she had clearly suffered." She wishes to express to the court, to the father of the baby and to his own family. your own remorse and guilt of that night. Her pain will fill her with the absence of her son for the rest of her days. "