Two essential things to keep your brain young

Exercising is essential for a healthy life. And we don't talk only about physical health, but also mental health. "We know that the people who do physical exercise protects your brain significantly in terms of aging, by Alzheimer's and dementia problems, "says the vice president of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), Doctor José Miguel Lainez.

Aging is something we cannot avoid. But it is not exactly a bad thing, in fact it means that we are alive and that must be celebrated, however old age brings with it certain degenerative processes that will affect your brain among other things. Leading a healthy lifestyle will help preserve it better. "The brain is also losing brain mass over the years and although avoiding it 100 percent is impossible, many things can be done to make this happen as late as possible with the least consequences."

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It is very important to take care of the vascular health And exercise is essential for this. "You have to be clear that the brain is a very irrigated organ and is very sensitive to the lack of irrigation."

Another fundamental detail to keep your young brain It is to maintain intellectual activity. "It is not clear that we can modify the number of neurons but it is clear that we can modify the connections and the more intellectual activities we perform better." Dr. Lainez recommends strengthening our entire life. intellectual activity.

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