Twins marry twins and have twin children, a unique case

These pairs of twins got married and had two other children with the same traits- Discover this story!

Last update: February 28, 2022

Genetics is surprising and new facts can arise around it every day. Therefore, scientists are always on the lookout to discover such cases, investigate them, and issue an explanation.

The latest case that stunned the world’s population is that of twin brothers who married other twin sisters. Here we share all the details of the story.

The unprecedented fact in the two pairs of twins

Josh and Jeremy Salyers, are two twin brothers who became husbands of Briana and Brittany, two twin sisters. Because of this, they became one of the couples that attracted the most attention in all of Virginia, United States.

In January 2021, Josh and his wife Brittany had the joy of having a beautiful baby boy named Jett.. In this way, they welcomed him through social networks and received congratulations from a good number of Internet users.

Later, Briana and Jeremy, the other set of twins, also became parents in April 2021. At that time, everyone began to be surprised.

Well, like the two couples, the newborns were identical. So much so that when they uploaded photos to social networks, people were not sure how to identify each one.

What’s more, many people were confused about the relationship of the two babies. This is because they do not find any difference.

The genetic clarity in the case of these twins

Technically, babies Jax and Jett are cousins. However, at the genetic level they could be recognized as siblings because they are quaternary twins.

The designation of quaternary twins means that the babies are genetically related to both partners. Therefore, both share the same traits as their parents.

That way, if both babies are genetically tested, the result will show that they are brothers and not cousins. Well, like her parents, they have similar DNA.

Undoubtedly, it is a very strange case and most people have stated that they have never seen such a situation before. However, they have congratulated them and wished them the best.

Final reflection

For its part, The scientific community has stated that it will continue to analyze this case to see what other novel aspects can be discovered.r. This is because it is a unique situation that surprised everyone.

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