Twins are born in different years, one in 2021 and the other in 2022

These twins starred in an exceptional event during their birth. Know all the details!

Last update: January 06, 2022

While the vast majority of people are enjoying the December 31 festivities as a family, many others experience one of the best moments of their lives at that very moment. Well, fate has made them give birth to beautiful children who will come to light their days.

This happened to Fátima Madrigal and Robert Trujillo, a married couple living in California and, at that moment, they were ready to receive two babies. This because the pregnancy was twins.

In this way, the mother lasted in labor during the day and when the last hours of the year approached she was ready to conceive. But nevertheless, The surprising outcome made these births a sensation in the hospital.

For that reason, below we will tell you everything that happened that night that the parents and doctors who participated in the delivery will never forget.

The twins’ birth story

At 11:45 p.m. on December 31, Fatima brought into the world Alfredo, her first twin baby. This one was born without complications and weighing 2 kilos with 700 grams.

After that, the event occurred that caught the attention of everyone in the hospital. Well, Aylín, the second baby, was born exactly 15 minutes after her brother.

As a result, a situation occurred that almost never occurs. The first twin came to the world in 2021, while the second did so in 2022.

This is undoubtedly exceptional, since twin brothers usually have their birthday on the same date. But nevertheless, These two will not only have the celebration on different days and months, but they will also always do it in different years.

The Natividad Medical Center could not hide the feeling of surprise at the exceptional event. So much so Through their Twitter they welcomed Aylín as the first baby born in 2022 and stated that the possibility of these cases is one in 2 million.

What’s more, Ana Abril, one of the doctors in charge of the delivery, declared that this was one of the most exciting births of her career. Well, the two children came into the world healthy and starred in an iconic event.

For their part, for parents it was the best way to close and start the year. This because of The first moment they lived in 2022 was the culmination of the delivery of the two beautiful babies who waited for 9 months.

Final reflection

Births are extraordinary moments for parents and healthcare professionals. Well, Together they deliver everything to provide well-being for the baby and can be the main witnesses of unprecedented situations.

One of the demonstrations is this exciting situation, where the second baby waited to be born just as it was the great midnight of the new year.

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