Turmeric and ginger tea to strengthen the immune system

In these difficult times, it is important to have a recipe on hand that can help us strengthen our defenses against coronavirus. So we want to share with you a recipe for making ginger root and turmeric tea.

Keep in mind that this recipe alone will not keep you protected. It is important that you take all the measures indicated by the World Health Organization and the authorities of your country.


This tea is a cocktail of elements that strengthen your immune system. Turmeric is a anti-inflammatory it really helps when you're sick.

Ginger is not only good at calming your gut, which in turn increases your immunity, but it also works wonders for cleanse your lymphatic system. That is our network of organs and tissues that clean toxins and waste.

You might see many teas on the market that contain dried or powdered ginger and turmeric, and sometimes mixed with sugar. You should avoid them because sugar kills good gut bacteria, and dried turmeric and ginger are not as good as fresh ones.

It is important to recognize that this tea is not a definitive cure for all illnesses, but rather supports your daily habits, which are supposed to be headed in a healthy direction.

How to make turmeric and ginger tea

To make turmeric and ginger tea, add 1 liter of water to a pot along with thin slices of fresh ginger root and turmeric. In case you can't find fresh turmeric, use the powder. If you don't mind getting your fingers dirty, it's actually better finely grate turmeric so that it is really infused in the water.

It is important to add a pinch of fresh black pepper to the pot as this activates turmeric. Also add a lemon peel, making sure to peel off the bitter white part, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Lemon and peppers are optional, but they add up a lot!

Put the water on low heat, because if you boil this tea, you will kill some of the nutrients. Cooking during 7 minutes, turn off the heat and add the juice of 1 lemon and a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil. Fat helps your body absorb turmeric, but you can also use avocado oil if you want.

Once the tea cools for 3 minutes, pour into a cup and add raw honey to taste (optional).

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