Truths and myths about healing stones

It is not necessary to walk a lot, just walk around a bookstore or department stores to find us a book of crystal therapy, gem therapy or as we want to call the discipline that uses crystals, rocks or stones to supposedly cure diseases. Who does not know someone who has any of these crystals in his house? In fact it is said that almost all the most popular journalists such as Ana Rosa Quintana or Rosa Villacastín have large rose quartz crystals.

Some of the statements published in any of these books have created great controversy in France and have been the subject of articles in the press and protests of associations of those affected and sick. Specifically in one entitled 'Practical Guide to Lithotherapy' published by Tredaniel, you can read, among other things of the most surprising, that there is a stone that "helps treat AIDS". This has caused a stir and several libraries have been severely attacked on social networks by associations of those affected.

The stones, crystals or rocks Do they possess any kind of healing power? The sharp answer is NO. There is no physical or psychological illness and there is no disorder in which it has been demonstrated no therapeutic efficacy of any of these elements.

There is no serious scientific publication that shows some healing power and of course they are not used in any medical specialty to treat diseases other than radioactive minerals or rocks that are capable of producing ionizing radiation. This type of radiation is the one that has the ability to alter the atoms and therefore our tissues, and is responsible for damage, for example, after a nuclear explosion such as the Chernobyl accident or is used in radiotherapy to perform cancer treatments. The rest of minerals, crystals, etc. They are only able to transmit thermal energy, that is heat. In fact, it is rather, quite the opposite, we transmit it to them since they are usually colder.

Mineral Traffic

These types of beliefs are not new, they became fashionable in the 70s with the New Age movement. During these years it has gone from being a fad among the Japanese to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Adele or Victoria Beckham do not take off their amulet stones. The extraction and traffic of these objects It has become a business of millions of euros. In addition numerous associations have revealed the infrahuman conditions in which the miners are, They are even children, in countries that are usually from the third world.

If one starts to read any of the books or guides of the discipline, one can find statements as surprising as pearls cure selfishness and Skepticism, does skepticism need a cure? Also with the fact that agate stone cures menopausal disorders, does this mineral have endocrine cells inside it? or that emeralds cure envy. It must be the one they have when they wear them.

In 2001, a study was conducted with volunteers who were given real quartz or false quartz, telling them that it was true. It was shown that there was no difference in people who reported having experienced positive effects between the groups with false or authentic mineral. It is clear that everything is mere suggestion.

If there is something really true and that you should always keep in mind is that you should not abandon any treatment prescribed by your doctor to be treated with a rock, mineral or crystal. None of these substances will cure you if you have any disease and, if it is serious, it may be that when you realize you have no remedy and all you have left is regret.

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