Trip to Corfu: discover the settings of the Greek island that changed the lives of the Durrells

Although All Creatures Great and Small and The Larkins have successfully taken over from endearing productions that reconcile us with life, the truth is that we can’t help but miss The Durrells. The family of the British naturalist who spent four years in Corfu in the 1930s, an experience that the scientist first captured in some books and was later turned into a television series by the ITV network. The adaptation created by Simon Nye that has brought the charm of the Greek island that changed the lives of the Durrells, Corfu.

Located in the Ionian Sea, off the northwest coast of Greece and the south of Albania, Corfu is the seventh largest island in the country and has a population of just over one hundred thousand inhabitants. Considered by many as the most British of the Greek islandsThanks to its past as a protectorate, between the 1960s and 1980s it was a popular destination for backpackers, young couples and families. In 2007 the historic center of its capital was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

To shoot the autobiographical series of the Durrell family, the production used the surroundings of the city of Corfu, as well as the regions of Perama, Kontokali and Criseda. In the north of the island, in Gouvia, is Villa Anemoyanni, which readers of Gerald Durrell’s autobiography known as Villa Narciso Amarillo. A private residence that cannot be visited and in which the naturalist’s family spent a good part of their stay on the island.

However, the family home we see on screen is in the same area and is known as Villa Posillipo. A three-storey house that was actually only used to film the exterior scenes, since the interiors were recorded in studios located in London. With a completely renovated interior, can be rented to enjoy a relaxing vacation, and although its price exceeds 500 euros per night, there are no dates available until 2023.

If we settle for sunbathing like the Durrells we have to head for Agni Bay, a bay northeast of Corfu that is known for its beautiful beaches and in which Margo was surprised by a priest at the beginning of the series. Nearby, and three seasons away, is the White House where Larry lived with his wife Nancy in real life and which can also be rented for vacations. The Kouloura tavern in which we see the protagonist family enjoying nice gatherings washed down by delicious food and drink is also located in this idyllic area.

In the second installment of the production, either because of the market in which the matriarch tries to sell her products or because of the independent life that the oldest of the Durrell wants to lead, viewers can see on several occasions a beautiful town in which the weather seems to have stopped. An achievement that was not only the result of the excellent production design of the series, since these scenes were shot in Danilia. Located on the East Coast, and familiar to James Bond fans, it is actually a remodeling of the 70s in which a replica was built that the town of Corfiot. Its market, its squares, the church or its taverns, one of them outdoors, will be familiar to viewers of the series, although it is privately owned and visits must be scheduled.

The beautiful coves of Erimitis, which appear at the beginning of the fourth season, when a mysterious man needs help to get off the island, the Boukari Pier, in which we see Larry (Josh O’Connor) with a beautiful contortionist in the third delivery or Mon Repos Palace, which serves as the home of Countess Mavrodaki, are other places that are worth visiting if you are a follower of the adventures of The Durrells. The palace, by the way, was the residence of the Greek royal family and the birthplace of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

And if what we want, and our wallet allows it, is enjoy corfu like a tv star we have to book a room at the imperial corfu, the hotel where the cast of The Durrells stayed during filming. Located on the Kommeno Bay peninsula, it has three private beaches and 300 rooms, distributed in villas and suites, all of which have spectacular sea views. We can complete the experience with a visit to the Alexandros Taverna where, according to Josh O’Connor, the team became part of the regular clientele, enjoying traditional Greek cuisine and fabulous fresh fish that came on Fridays accompanied by a show of traditional dances.

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