Trikonasana, the triangle pose in yoga is pure gasoline for your arms and knees

There are not only yoga poses to lose weight or to combat fluid retention. Along with the chair pose, the triangle pose (or trikonasana) is presented as one of the best to strengthen the limbs. It is one of the basic yoga postures which has many benefits. Both physical and mental.

With trikonasana, your body takes the form of a extend triangleor, promoting an intense display in the trunk and legs. This helps stretch the muscles, legs, and arms. This asana tones the ligaments and improves flexibility, helping to lose belly fat.

Benefits of doing the triangle

The triangle pose, which is performed by bending the body to both sides simultaneously, improves spinal flexibility and you get a life free of back pain. When done properly, it corrects shoulder alignment and gives your silhouette the perfect form.

But there is more. As a side benefit, doing trikonasana will also help relieve the symptoms of gastritis, indigestion, heartburn and flatulence. This pose manages to “reset” your body and stimulates the digestive system, keeping you healthy and productive throughout the day.

In addition to the physical benefits, this yoga pose also reduces discomfort during menstruation and helps reduce stress and the anxiety accumulated within you. Relax your hormones and produce cortisol to immediately improve your mood.

How to do trikonasana

First, put your right foot forward, spread your legs about three-quarters of your height and put the right leg facing that side while the left remains slightly inward facing forward about 45 degrees.

Next, slowly extend both hands parallel to the ground and keep them aligned with your right knee and shoulder. Touch the ground and grab the toes right if you can. Your left shoulder should be in line with your right shoulder and with the left hand pointing to the sky. It is important to keep your eyes looking up or up at the ceiling.

The breathing it is a vital point. Inhale when you start your pose and exhale when you come down. Once you have completed the pose, stay still and breathe evenly and smoothly. Take at least five breaths in the pose and switch sides to do exactly the same. Finally, get back to your original position very slowly.

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