Tricky deco shopping: how to choose a comfortable and elegant sofa to make your living room look bigger

The living room decor It is probably one of the great sleepless nights when it comes to furnishing a house. Making the space look spacious and bright, that it is versatile and adapts to our needs, that it is comfortable and welcoming and that it invites meetings and moments of relaxation will be key when deciding which pieces to buy. We have already shown you that you can assemble it complete for less than 350 euros, but now we take another step looking for what, without a doubt, will be the great protagonist of the room: the perfect sofa.

This original sofa with minimalist lines by Kave Home costs 1,303 euros. / kave home

The dining table, the chairs, the lamps, the carpet … All the decorative elements in the living room have to create a space of comfort that becomes the epicenter of the home. But among all of them, the sofa is king. The key to choosing yours should be based, on the one hand, on comfort and, on the other, adapt to the needs of your home. If what you are looking for is a piece that fits in any space and you want it to last for years, flee from the trends of the season and bet on simple lines that do not go out of style.

Elegant, simple and timeless, this Maisons du Monde sofa costs 399 euros. / maisons du monde

In addition, it is essential to choose well colors and materials. Dark leather sofas (Chester type, for example) provide elegance and a very classic touch, but they tend to dwarf the rooms, so it is best that you opt for light, smooth and neutral tones that can blend in with the space for make it look bigger and brighter. Of course, be careful if there are small children at home … In this case, choose an upholstery that allows easy cleaning and is water repellent or you will get more than one displeasure.

This corner sofa from IKEA costs 1,129 euros. / ikea

The corner sofas will be able to provide more useful and comfortable seats to your living room, so that you do not have to place more armchairs or armchairs (with the consequent saving of money and space), and if you choose them with ‘chaise longue’, the extra comfort is guaranteed ( especially for the one who gets that seat). In addition, if you choose a model that does not have a very high back, you will not visually break the room, thus giving it more space.

This beige sofa bed with chaise longue and chest from Sklum costs 499 euros. / sklum

Finally, note the models that include chests under any of the squares (very useful to gain storage space for kitchenware, blankets, toys and items that you do not use often but need to always have on hand) or that be convertible into bed, so that you can temporarily accommodate guests without the need for a guest room … or that will elevate your sofa, movie and blanket sessions to another level.

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