Tricks to weigh you correctly

With the summer here we began to worry or lose weight quickly or to finish the summer season without an extra gram. It is here when the weighing machine it becomes almost an obsession where we look for the perfect weight Yes and day also. And friends, this is not good, we can not be prey to the scale.

Beyond becoming an ordeal, weighing us must be a habit for health, basically to know if we are healthy, if we maintain the weight and we are not in a constant rise and fall.

Weighing you correctly is not a difficult task, but you should keep in mind certain things like:

Monitor the weight. Take control of your weight, so you can know if you keep it or if you have some imbalance.

Do not obsess with the figure indicated by the scale.

The weightIt can vary from 2 to 3 Kg of more or less, depending on the degree of hydration, the type of food ingested, the physical exercise performed, depending on whether it is cold or hot, that is stressed or relaxed, according to the periods of the female cycle.


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Does not exist something like ideal weight. What it is about is having a weight in which you are healthy and that you can maintain over time.

Do not weigh yourself when you have menstruation. During these days of rule we accumulate many more liquids. By retaining liquids our weight increases so it is not reliable.

The weighing has to be done always in the same time of day, preferably naked Once a week is enough, decimals should not be taken into account.

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