Tricks to prevent osteoporosis

Sedentary. The great enemy of the Bone density it's inactivity, that's why it's important exercise since childhood. A study published in the Journal of Sports Sciences says that girls who practice more than two hours of basketball, football or handball a week achieve greater bone acquisition. Starting at age 50, exercising helps prevent falls.

Tobacco. "The older smokers they are 40% more likely to have a broken hip than non-smokers of their age, ”explains dr. Ángel Oteo Álvaro, from the Bone Fragility Unit of the Hospital Univ. HM Madrid.


“If we do not ingest foods to bring us protein, minerals (especially calcium and phosphorus) and vitamin D, the loss of bone mass is greater, ”says dr. Angel Oteo Álvaro. To give your bones everything they need, consume Dairy products, green leafy vegetables, blue fish and foods enriched with vitamin D.