Tricks to make the purchase during the quarantine … and not get fat!

The isolation of millions of people at home begins to worry many. Leaving economic and labor issues aside, one of the things that most worries Spaniards is the eat out of boredom, lack of exercise and with it, weight gain. Now, more than ever, we must make the purchase with care and head and not let the confinement make us feed ourselves badly. Since we are required to lead a more sedentary life than usual, we bring you some essential tips at the time of going to the supermarket to fill the fridge.

Organize a weekly menu

One of the first recommendations is prepare a weekly menu Balanced, thus, you will leave little room for improvisation … which can make us fall into unhealthy temptations.

Make shopping list

By having the week organized with a menu, you can prepare a Shopping list with everything you are going to need by looking first at what you have at home and what you don't. This is something essential if you do not want to get to the supermarket, and bloat yourself to buy by instinct, forgetting necessary things for the preparation of your dishes.

Don't go to the supermarket hungry

Try to go shopping without hunger. It has been shown that if you do it on an empty stomach … your car will end up full of unhealthy foods that surely you would not have bought in other circumstances.

Keeping everything you have to buy down and not going to the supermarket hungry, are key aspects to avoid falling into temptations.

Buy without being overwhelmed

Anxiety in these moments can play more than ever against us. The food supply is more than guaranteed, so don't get overwhelmed by buying too much and things you don't even know if you're going to consume. Be clear that you can make the purchase again when you spend what you have, and also, it is a gesture of responsibility towards others, who also have to fill the car.

Eat a lot of fruit

Prioritize the purchase of fruits and vegetables. If they have always been the best allies to take care of your diet, in this situation of confinement, even more. If you are afraid it will spoil, look at the canned or frozen options, there are some that are of very good quality. As for meat and fish, think about not hoarding more, buy what you are going to need for that week and fit in the fridge or freezer.

Give priority to fruits and vegetables, your body will thank you.

Don't buy ultra-processed

Avoid getting a shipment of sweet and ultra-processed, You know that if they come to your house … you will finish eating them in a few days. This type of food ends up creating addiction, and you will not be able to stop. If you want to treat yourself occasionally, a healthier alternative is to take advantage of cooking some sweets, such as cookies or muffins, or even some pizza, with healthier ingredients. For this, write on your shopping list, for example, some wholemeal flour. And in the same way, opt for the integral versions of rice and pasta.

Ariadne Artiles is passionate about good food, and whenever she can, she cooks with her daughter some recipes that she shares through her social networks.

Get a healthy snack

One of the things with which you have to be more careful in this quarantine is the snack between meals. With more free time than usual, these moments will be more common than in your day-to-day, so be careful. Forget about snacks and appetizers insane. Instead, grab a variety of nuts (natural, no fried versions), pickles, and even healthy options like cherry tomatoes, carrots, and radishes.

Read the labels well

Although going shopping is a quite complicated ritual lately, and we all try to be in the establishments as little time as possible (after the long queues that are made at the doors), take time to read the labels well And don't buy foods that are really loaded with additives and sugars. One option is to download any of the existing applications to the mobile for the correct reading of the labeling.

And remember, even if we are confined, we must continue taking care of our body … and our mind.

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