Tricks to have your house always tidy and make it look bigger with these very cheap organizers from IKEA for less than 20 euros

Clutter makes you fat, we’ve already told you. But it is that, in addition, a well-organized house “influences our well-being, our sensations and emotions. When everything around us has its place, it is easier for our minds to have it too. When we organize the house, we also organize everything that we have in our heads, bringing clarity to what used to be chaos«, they tell us from IKEA. Plus, there’s no denying it: tidy rooms don’t just look cleaner, they also look bigger. For this reason, we have collected the best tricks to get it thanks to the cheapest organizers of the Swedish decoration giant.

How to have a well organized living room

From IKEA they remind us that “it doesn’t matter if your living room is big or small, the smart storage It is key to enjoying a clear, relaxing space with everything you really need at your fingertips. Forget spending several hours a week tidying up the mess from the days before (you can try the FlyLady method) and just find a place for everything«.

IKEA baskets and boxes with lids are available from 8 euros; and the drawer organizer costs 9 euros. Square wall shelves cost 15 euros. / IKEA

For this reason, they suggest using baskets and boxes with lids to keep organized and close at hand everything that you use every day (but that is not nice to be seen); drawer organizers for quick access to cables, chargers or keys without wasting time looking for them; tables with drawers or benches and chaise longues with storage; take advantage of the free space under the sofas and use the walls with hooks, shelves and organizers to gain space and multiply it.

Order solutions for the bedroom

Several neurology studies show that the ambient environment of our bedrooms directly influences the quality of sleep. For a healthy rest, the room must be tidy and clean, otherwise it can cause stress, which makes it difficult to sleep and therefore affects us physically and emotionally.

These hanging bars allow us to organize the clothes that we are going to wear the next day without taking up space in the room. At IKEA they cost 15 euros. / IKEA

Beyond having a well-organized closet in which all our clothes fit, making good use of all the spaces in the bedroom will be key to achieving that long-awaited space for order and rest. At IKEA they suggest placing a basket or trunk at the foot of the bed in which to place all the decorative cushions when we get into bed; small baskets or drawer organizers to keep the bedside table organized both inside and out; or a door hanger or a clothes donkey in which to place in an orderly (and stretched) way the clothes that we want to wear again or the ones that we have prepared for the next day.

Order in the kitchen: the key to make it look bigger and cleaner

A kitchen in order not only manages to create a greater feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness: a kitchen in order, slims down. Having the products in sight, whether on shelf shelves or glass door cabinets, will help us find what we are looking for more quickly and easily and, in addition, it ‘forces’ us to have everything better organized and run away from the temptation of ‘disaster drawers’. In addition, it will be key to making the most of the space, making everything look bigger and not wasting food.

Glass pantry jars start at 5 euros at IKEA. The boxes for cleaning products, 8 euros; and the wall hangers, 12 euros. / IKEA

An infallible trick to guarantee order and make better use of space? Use vertical elements (from the walls to the inside of doors and cabinets) to increase storage space with mobile shelves, hangers and wall organizers. Also, forget that the cleaning cupboard is chaotic: put all the products in boxes that allow you to have them organized by type.

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