Tricks to get rid of Christmas kilos quickly

Christmas excesses not only do they make a dent in the economy, your figure also surely suffers. Going back to good eating habits, a healthy diet avoiding miracle diets and taking care of yourself while being active are some of the best tips to get rid of the kilos of more than one stroke.

Do not delay, the roscón is history, forget about the remains of nougat and focus on recovering your diet and your healthy lifestyle that surely has been out of control during the Christmas holidays. Return to that marked schedule that keeps you focused and in balance, to your meal times, when you get up and go to bed, to exercise and forget about parties and bingeing. We don't want to press you but the bikini operation is just around the corner! The sooner you resume your good habits, the sooner you can forget about the kilos that the Magi left you.

Sign up for intermittent fasting

It is increasingly fashionable though It is an ancestral practice that helped our ancestors maintain an iron health listening to your body and adapting to the environment.

What intermittent fasting means is eating in a certain time slot of the day and not eating food in the other, so in a 16: 8 intermittent fasting you can eat (controlling calories do not go over!) For a period of 8 hours and a 16 hour fast. What does this mean? Well the body being several hours without fuel begins to burn fat (without destroying muscle) to get energy as it enters a state called ketogenesis. We tell you about controlling calories because caloric restriction is very important to lose weight, what fasting does is help us burn fat faster. It also improves insulin sensitivity and increases the secretion of growth hormone, both key factors for weight loss. Everything is advantages!

And the ketogenic diet or low carb?

If you need to lose weight quickly, Carb diets and ketogenic diet or keto are very good options Although we recommend you always put yourself in the hands of nutritionists.

This type of diet limits simple carbohydrates and increases the intake of protein, fat and vegetables. In the case of ketogenic the restriction is greater because even the fruit is very limited, except for those very low in carbohydrates such as blueberries, raspberries or strawberries. The good thing about these diets is that they eliminate the sensation of hunger very soon after starting the diet and you get a fast and effective weight loss, yes, be careful with the rebound effect! We must gradually reintroduce hydrates and moderately so as not to recover the lost weight and even more.

Bet on food detox

If what you are going to do is a healthy diet based on moderation and exercise, we recommend sports foods that will help you eliminate liquids and toxins. For example, artichoke, asparagus, pineapple, green tea, parsley, apple cider vinegar, probiotics … should be present in your weekly diet to drain waste substances and relieve fluid retention that is usually the culprit of swelling and extra pounds that are not fat but water.

Of course water is essential to lose weight, try to drink at least 8 glasses a day to help you lose those kilos faster. If you have trouble doing so, you can opt for cleansing infusions, water kefir, birch water, infused water, broths …

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Foods to avoid

After the excesses we assure you that only by eliminating alcohol, sugar and ultraprocessed from your diet you will lose weight. Bet on real food or realfooding and eat what you know what it is at first glance, without having to look at an eternal ingredient list full of additives and preservatives. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, nuts and seeds should be the foods with which you always prepare your dishes.

Forget about cookies, industrial cereals, industrial pastries and various packaging and give yourself a healthy meal, There are many delicious recipes for snacks and sweets that will make you forget all that junk food while enjoying of delicious flavors, desserts and truly healthy breakfasts.

With a little perseverance and willpower you will be able to eliminate those kilos more quickly without starving and in a healthy way. We assure you that this way you will climb the January slope leaving those Christmas kilos quickly along the way.

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